"I believe that one day we will win a championship here. And I believe a couple of these guys will be a part of that. And I believe I'll be a part of that."

These words were spoken on Wednesday by the head coach of the New York Knicks, Isiah Thomas. Now what this guy is thinking, I really don't know, but I respect his level of confidence. After starting off this season 8-22, Thomas still believes that he will be in New York long enough to win a championship. The same team that is arguably one of the worst teams in the NBA, Thomas feels that they have the potential to win the NBA Title.

"I know people will laugh even more at me, but I'm hell bent on getting this accomplished and making sure that we get it done."


You're right Isiah. People will be/are laughing at you even more. He hears "Fire Isiah" chants from the crowd in Madison Square Garden on a regular basis. Now, it's not up to the fans whether the Knicks keep Isiah or not, so he doesn't have to worry about the fans opinions of him. That is up to James Dolan, who hasn't spoken about Isiah's job since last year. Isiah has brought the entire organazation down since he's been there. He's only had one playoff appearance since being in New York, and he was swept in the first round. Since then, it has been a disaster. Everything from having lawsuits filed against him, to Marbury's lack of respect for him has brought Isiah to an all-time low. But one thing Thomas is doing, is looking at the outcome of things. Thomas said that he wants to leave the same legacy in New York as he did in Detroit. It's easier for him to win a championship in Detroit, because he had a team to work with. In New York, the only team he has is the owner, Mike Dolan who seems to have no control over what is going on.

Isiah has hope though. But reality has a big chance in ruining his "hope". Reality says that there's a 50% chance of remaining the head coach of the Knicks. His job has already been saved earlier this season, when Dolan said that he will remain the head coach. The hot seat is a b**ch though. It won't allow him to stay in New York long enough to win a championship. Looking at the bright side of things is what Isiah is doing, but the light at the end of the tunnel isn't in reach for him. He has a better shot at dressing up in uniform and playing for another team and winning a title that way, then he does coaching in New York. The managment won't give him the team to do it, and they may not even give him the time to do it. Thomas is one of a few coaches that are sitting in the hot seat this year, so a 50 game win streak could be his only shot of remaining New York long enough to win a championship.

You have some nerve Isiah. Talking about winning a title when your team is sitting in last place. In every loss, he says that it's a step forward for his team. How's that? Because your team learns something new from every loss? Don't you think that they've learned enough from the combined losses of last season and this season?

I don't know what else the team could learn from getting blown out. Only common sense will determine the fate of Isiah Thomas. Whether he'll be fired or not is what Thomas' prediction lies on. If he can stay in New York for about ten more years, there is a good chance that he'd be able to win an NBA title. Now isn't the time Isiah! Lets think positive, and just worry about saving your job, rather than winning a title. You're making yourself look ridiculous.

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