Did they raise the mound and I missed it? Or has HGH really affected hitters this much more then pitchers? At this point you are probably wondering what I am babbling on about, see the problem is. “It” is something even I can not explain. Recently I was browsing statistical leaders for the 2008 MLB season and noticed something odd. There were ten qualified starters with an earned run average under three. Usually this is no big deal, however last season only one qualified starter accomplished this feat (Peavy). Upon digging even a little deeper only two starters had an ERA under three in 2006. Hmm, I wonder what has changed. More importantly eight of the ten who qualified this season also qualified last season. Some of those eight (Halladay, Lincecum, Sheets, Daisuke) have actually seen a run or more drop off in earned run average. All in all it has been a great season if you are a fan of dominating pitching, especially given the fact that front line starters are at a premium today.


*Since 2000 only one season has come close to the ten qualified SP’s. In 2002 their were nine to accomplish the feat.


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