• Baseball team of the decade? Well, I'm a Red Sox fan, but it's still the Yankees (two WS wins, four WS appearances, win the Division almost yearly...
  • So the Colts didn't go balls to the wall to beat the Jets. Bigger fish to fry.
  • Let's face it...we mostly root for laundry. Player X is a bad guy, problem child until he comes to OUR team. Now he's a choir boy.
  • Does the NFL have a 'feed' to a key on field official to help them 'determine' the outcome? Sometimes it feels that way. Can't happen? Ask Tim Donaghy.
  • James. Not Bond. in Cleveland Cavaliers. Wow.
  • Can Tiger Woods be rehabilitated? Does he really WANT to be? The Learning Channel had a program on SEXSOMNIA. Maybe he's got that. Maybe not.
  • New Year's Resolution...gotta watch a little hockey. Pretty good game today at Fenway Park with the Bruins-Flyers outdoors.
  • Best sports book ever? I still like Ball Four.
  • Best sports movie? That's a tough one. Rocky?
  • Eventually, NOT having a salary cap WILL ruin baseball. Who wants to be a Kansas City Royals fan?
  • Guys like Chad Ochocinco add a lot of panache to the NFL. Embrace it.
  • I'd like to see a decathlon between a healthy Bo Jackson and LeBron James.
  • I don't like to watch instant replay of injuries. It creeps me out (that and a prior blown out ACL).
  • Need a paradigm shift? How about two-handed bowling, the Fosbury Flop of the 21st century.
  • Anybody noticed that women's college basketball is about as physical as Mixed Martial Arts?
  • If ESPN wanted my opinion, I'd ask for more international sports coverage, like championship ping-pong, badminton, hurling, and rugby. But not cricket.
  • Could you name fifteen uses for a baseball bat? Like as chopsticks for Giants? And no, I didn't go out celebrating last night...

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