Okay, baseball is starting off soon with the Yanks vs the Sox.  Which team will win this matchup, the division, and the WS?  The YANKEES!  Sure they've lost a few above average players, but they picked up 2 players from the Tigers that will probably meet the expectations that Damon and Matsui had back in the Bronx,  Curtis Granderson and Marcus Thames both can hit the long ball and just like Damon, Granderson can run too.  Matsui had power and in my opinion Thames has even more.  Neither of these 2 pickups can field as well, but I say their offense has improved slightly.  Plus A-Rod isn't getting a suspension for the first part of the season like last year so that is also a plus.  There are still plenty of contenders out there like the Phillies with the addition of Doc Halladay, Twins, Angels, Red Sox, Cards, and I'll throw out my sleeper:  Seattle becuase of their D.  But all in all I believe it is a rematch from last season

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