Gasp! Cubs fans everywhere cringe at the very thought of renaming the venerable Wrigley Field. And even though I've never been...I cringe as well.

As a baseball purist, I treasure the old, hallowed baseball records and the lore that goes back decades. Wrigley is a historical landmark and should be treated as such.

That said, Sam Zell probably can get a boatload of dough to grant the naming rights to this wonderful arena. It is his right to allow the Wrigley name to pass into history, just as the numbers 61 and 756 so unceremoneously (and chemically) did.

The playground of Hack Wilson (he of the 191 RBI in one season!), Babe Ruth's called shot (unless that was in New York :-) ), a goat curse, Ernie Banks, Ryne Sandberg and years upon years of postseason disappointment will always be remembered in the hearts and minds of baseball fans everywhere.

The lovable losers will not be going anywhere...they're still in the same place. Just because the name may change, doesn't mean the memories change. I'll be a bit sad when the new name is announced, but then I'll get over it.

That's more than I can say for the dubious brush off that 61 and 756 received. At least 511, 56 and 191 look like they'll remain unchanged.

Originally Posted on on March 4th.

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