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I haven't been on the site for a while but I have a question. I'm watching Mike and the Maddog on YES here in Connecticut and one of the callers just brought up a great point. I guess this caller went to the Yankees/Phillies game yesterday and not ONE Yankee signed an autograph. I'm very surprised that the Yankees, who have the image of being so goody-goody and studious and the model franchise in sports etc. , to the point when you hear that you want to puke, can't sign an autograph. It's spring training, is it that big of a deal to sign autographs. Then you wonder why baseball fans or non-baseball fans complain about the sport, when players can't even do that. If I was commisioner, I'd make that a rule. You ballplayers make millions of dollars and you can't take time out of your busy schedule to sign some autographs for some kids. With this whole argument, I could be in the minority but you have to admit that baseball isn't as family friendly as it should or used to be.

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