With T.O. being released last night by the Cowboys.  Everyone's next question is who he's going to go to.  I've been hearing speculations of him going to Tennessee, and that the Redskins and the G-Man are not interested in him, and we all know that Philadelphia wouldn't be dumb enough to try that whole thing out again.  But in my eyes, i think T.O. is one of the best receivers in the game, and the Redskins or the Giants would be dumb to not pursue him.  I would love to see T.O. in the Silver in Black, yes, i am a Raider fanatic.  Think about it T.O. coming to the Raiders, they would feel their receiver spot, Russel would have another target to throw it to instead of Zach Miller all game.  We wouldn't have to worry about drafting a receiver in the draft, we could go for something that we need, like an offensive lineman.  Michael Oher would be a great fit for us.  And with having T.O. that might bring in somee more free agents.  But i really do not think that the Raiders really need to do that many off season moves, they have a very talented defense, we resigned Chris Johnson who showed some promise in the later games of the season after we got "the bust", DeAngelo Hall out of there.  We made Namdi the highest played defensive back in the history of the NFL, which he is well deserving of.  With Morrison, Howard, Brown as our linebacking core, and Burgess, Warren, and Kelly bringing up the d-line I think our defense is pretty good.  If we could get a decent or good offensive lineman from the free agency, like maybe Mike Goff, i doubt he would want to come to Oakland, but if we could get him and T.O. and then get Oher, that would improve our team from nothing, to something.  But in my mind, yes I would want T.O. on my team, this is my first article, so don't criticize me too bad.  But comments are well recommended.

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