A funny thing happened to me this weekend. Doing my regularly scheduled activities over the S-Days, (can’t tell you what they entailed, because then all the damn Donut Pounders would come out of the wood work for my ass) a prominent known home owners association Board of Director member made some inappropriate remarks towards me…Testing my manhood. I just got one thing to say to that…Nobody does that kind of shit to me and gets away with it! While some fellas have grapes down stairs, well I, I have grapefruits!

So when this jerk-off decided to get brave and open up his pie hole, the community newsletter wanted my side of the story…Thus I spit back with this:

"If you have respect for someone, you expect that same respect back." "If you're a classless person like that, I mean, I guess that shows how you are, what kind of person you really are. ... I don't have to prove anything to that guy, plain and simple. If that's what he wants to do, that's what he's going to do. If that's what makes him happy, to try to bring other people down, good for him."

As you can see I was so mad I could spit nails…I’m just glad he didn’t compare me to Manute Bol! Because, then then it would’ve been on like Donkey Kong, jack!

So Chris Bosh is all upset that he got compared to Manute Bol…I wonder if Stephen A Smith would’ve compared him to Shawn Bradley or George Muresan would’ve he appreciated that more so? My guess is he would’ve got his Fruit of the Looms in a bunch even more so not liking the fact that he was compared to two stiffs, but two white stiffs. Good job on not making this a racial issue, Stevie! Mad props on that! Although perhaps S.A.S. thought that that comparison might have been an insult to those two big fellas. Man, can you imagine if Stephen A. pulled a Jim Rome- "Chris, I mean Jim Everett", (never can get enough of that) on Bosh by calling him Christina how bent out of shape Bosh would be? Man…I’m just really glad he didn’t go Jim Rome on his ass! It’s a good thing too…Because good old Christina probably would’ve asked Congress to step in to make the bad man stop! Making the Roger Clemens fiasco on the Hill look like child’s play!

Speaking of which, you got to be fu***** kidding me, are you for real Christina? Getting your panties in a bunch over being called "soft" by a member of the media. I was always taught that if the shoe fits, well, wear it…And apparently it fits perfectly seeing as since you snapped back at Stephen A for hurting your feelings. Although you know something Christina, you proved him correct…You proved that he was right! Because if you weren’t soft you wouldn’t have shown us that you have such sensitive-thin skin by feeling you had to respond in the matter you chose to! How long have you been in the league now Tina? Shouldn’t it be about time you try to come off your pacifier?

This is too funny, a professional athlete having a bone to pick with a media member…Worrying about what they say about you, no, that’s not being too sensitive now is it! That’s your own dumbass fault for having respect for them! I just want to know, after the big meanie said all those nasty things, did you go crying to momma, or was it the combination of Rasho Nesterovic & Jamario Moon who helped wipe back the tears? One thing we know about Stephen A. Smith, he’s never short on words and opinions…Telling it like it is! Never making up shit…So Christina, if you’re soft, well, you must be! True, more often than not Smith does look and sound like an ass but, hello, that’s his job! Hello, he gets paid for that…Just like you get paid for putting the ball in the basket and throwing block parties! Perhaps the Raptors are paying you to suck on your thumb too, who knows? And to think, all this belly aching coming from a cat who made his own "Vote for Me All-Star Campaign Ad"…So we see the kind of mentality we’re dealing with here!

Though I must say, being compared to Manute Bol, I think that Stephen might’ve given you a little too much credit there boy!. Bol’s a gentleman to be credited for his political work on behalf of change in Darfur. And Christina, what have you been credited with besides having the God given talent to suck on a pacifier…Without a doubt you can do that with the best of them! And when I say them, I mean all the 1 to 3-year olds whose parents give them theirs to shut their yaps! So why don’t you do the same, Christina!

Vote In new Pick’em Poll which poses the question that everybody who has a pair of grapes, (excluding Lance Armstrong & John Kruk of course) needs to answer…All be it, it’s never easy! "Blondes or Brunettes?" I must warn you, by not voting in this, it means, well, you must be gay! However, I guess it’s a perfect way to come out of closet… aims to please!

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