I don't normally write about the NBA, seeing as the league has gone to pieces the last few seasons. But by shoving most of the Eastern Conference out of my mind while pretending the Western Conference has almost all of the teams in the league, it excites me. It's time for worthless NBA talk....

The Phoenix Suns Are in Trouble

I thought this Shaq trade was terrible from the start. A lightning quick offense and a defense that was improving absolutely went to shreds now that Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks are gone. They decided to take a "championship or bust" route and it's backfiring big time. Since the trade was made, the Suns are just 4-5 when Shaq plays, and 6-6 since the trade was finalized. That may not seem so bad, but it's how they are losing that is troubling. Before I get to that though......

Shawn Marion was a big help defensively, he had a blocked shot in nearly every game he played with Phoenix this season, including a 3 game span in which he had 13 total. He is a rebounding beast, and collected 24 in one game against his future club, the Miami Heat. Marion could work inside and outside, while Shaq is useless when he's not in the paint.

Shaq is averaging 13.3 PPG, while Marion averages 15.8, but Marion's total has fallen off since the trade. He's still a rebounding beast, blocks shots, still can't shooty from the free throw line, etc. But he's 36 years old and the wheel has to fall off the wagon sometime.

I want you to notice the pattern in the Suns' losses when Shaq plays.

Lakers 130 Suns 124

Pistons 116 Suns 86

Hornets 120 Suns 103

76ers 119 Suns 114

Nuggets 126 Suns 113

They are basically getting destroyed on the defensive side. The quickness, the transition defense, it's all gone. Now the Suns are 19 game over .500, but they are only 2.5 games away from falling out of the playoff picture totally. If this trade doesn't even equate to a playoff appearance, then it's time to revamp the front office.

Seattle Sonics


Spurs are Rising

You could be looking at a dynasty. San Antonio has won 10 straight, and have grabbed a share of the #1 seed with the Lakers, but the Spurs have played two more games. Manu Ginobili is having a tremendous year, leading the team in scoring with 20.3 points per game. Tim Duncan is averaging a double-double, and Duncan could be a darkhorse in the MVP race. Their defense continues to stifle even the best of offenses (Suns, Hornets, etc.), and once again are looking at being the favorites to win it all.

The one weakness I see in the Spurs is that if you take away any one of the big three (Parker, Ginobili, Duncan), they're just 13-8. They really struggle when any one of those players is out. But all of them are healthy for now, as they make a case that they are still the team to beat....oh yeah, and they are the defending champs. It could be their best shot at, possibly a three-peat if you ask me.

Knicks Get Destroyed by LeBron one since 1959 has scored at least 50, dished out 8, and rebounded 8 at Madison Square Garden. LeBron did it so easily as the Cavs beat the Knicks. This is reason #566 why Isiah is the worst coach ever to be involved with basketball. What's the point of going into this subject. It's become so embarrassing to watch New York that I think the fans should make money off of this by selling their tickets on E-Bay and pass it off as "Collectible".

For Cleveland, say what you want about LeBron being a one man's working, and now he has a supporting cast to take them deep into the playoffs.

Playoff Match I'm Dying to See

Team A vs. Warriors. Is it safe to admit the Warriors are the most exciting basketball team to watch? Please make the playoffs Golden State.....before Denver has to get their asses kicked in 5 games all over again.

Team to Look Out For

Houston Rockets. Who needs Yao when you have Wagging Finger? Dikembe Mutombo, T-Mac, and Luther Head are leading the way as the Houston Rockets have won 16 straight games, an NBA best. Maybe this is the year T-Mac gets over the hump and actually wins a playoff series.

Team to Look Out For in Disappointment City

Dallas Mavericks. They gave up too much to try and get Jason Kidd. The Mavs are barely breaking even (I think they are at .500) since Kidd joined the club. While the assists are piling on, so are the turnovers and the pathetic defense. Watch out Dallas, you're also on the playoff elimination bubble at the #6 spot.

Oh yeah, and Dirk Nowitzki's an ass.

Well that's it from me, but I guess this will be ignored because of FAVRE!!!!

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