The college football season premiered on ESPN with a boring game between the USC Gamecocks and the NC State Wolfpack.  However, it was just getting started.  Thank you to Oregon and Boise State.

The Boise State Broncos went to work on opening night embarrassing the Oregon Ducks 19-8.  The Ducks were held to 152 yards.  They gained only 6 1st downs and 121 yards through the air.  They were massacred by the clock.  Ducks' time of possession was 17 minutes and 28 seconds, while the bucking Broncos managed the time wisely during 42 minutes and 32 seconds of handling the ball.  The Ducks were surely outplayed but not outpunched.

The courteous handshake at the beginning of the game meant nothing, nada, zilch, if the players did not already embody good sportsmanship. 

The fiasco started when Boise State's Bryan Hout apparently said something to the Duck's LeGarrette Blount.  Immediately following said words, Blount delivered the only Ducks dominant hit of the night by punching the win(d) right out of Hout. 

The hit was without a doubt classless, but it was also hilarious.  Who saw the hit coming?  Did you?  I sure as heck didn't see it coming on opening night of college football.  Pat on the shoulder, look the other way, the punch lands.  Then, Blount is on ESPN doing a Tim Tebow speech. "You'll never catch me at my weakest.  You'll never catch me with a real emotion."  And, blah, blah, blah.  You can't write a script better than reality.

Anyhow, many believed that the hit deserved swift action.  Haha, what it deserved is a 1 to 2 game suspension.  It doesn't warrant a meeting of all of the bigwigs of Oregon or of the PAC-10.  But who cares, it is just a matter of formality.

Blount should undoubtedly be suspended.  Hout should get a talking to from his coach, because I'm sure this was a cause and effect situation.  They both showcased unsportsmanlike conduct. 

As I digress, the Broncos and the Ducks made the wait worthwhile.  I couldn't be any happier for the way the college football season started.  I was expecting an ACC win over the SEC but the sun isn't always shining on my desires.  I'll turn to the Clemson Tigers game to be consoled.  Go Football!

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