In light of the Best Quarterback Ever Tournament and insightful suggestions on behalf of the fellow writers here at Armchairgm, I present the Worst Quarterbacks of the Past 20 Years Tournament.

In order to qualify a quarterback must have started the majority of at least one NFL season and never posted a rating above 70 during their years as a starter. I am only including the past twenty years due to the fact that passing statistics have drastically changed over time due to a multitude of factors such as pass interference and introduction of certain offensive schemes.

Voting is the same as Best Quarterback Ever Tournament with the exception you are voting for the WORST quarterback. (Ex. Gelbaugh is statistically worse than McNown so one would vote Gelbaugh if voting purely on statistics)

For any of you who have ever been a fan of team quarterbacked by any of these individuals, I extend my deepest condolences...

Here's the lineup... Seeds are based on Quarterback Rating

' X-Factor: X-Factor:' Ryan Leaf 3666 14 TD 36 INT Chargers

1. Stan Gelbaugh 2100 10 TD 22 INT 50.5 Seahawks

2. Akili Smith 2212 5 TD 13 INT 52.8 Bengals

3. Rusty Hilger 2584 11 TD 19 INT 52.8 Lions (ELIMINATED)

4. Browning Nagle 2489 8 TD 20 INT 53.5 Jets

5. Heath Shuler 3691 15 TD 33 INT 54.3 Redskins (ELIMINATED)

6. Andrew Walter 1715 3 TD 13 INT 56.3 Raiders (ELIMINATED)

7. Tom Tupa ( Yes the punter) 3430 12 TD 25 INT 60.5 Cardinals

8. Chris Weinke 3904 15 TD 26 INT 62.2 Panthers (ELIMINATED)

9. Randy Wright 7106 31 TD 57 INT 61.4 Packers

10. Ken Dorsey 1712 8 TD 11 INT 63.5 49ers (ELIMINAED)

11. Tommy Hodson 1823 7 TD 11 INT 64.1 Patriots (ELIMINATED)

12. Chuck Long 3747 19 TD 28 INT 64.5 Lions (ELIMINATED)

13. David Klingler 3994 16 TD 22 INT 65.1 Bengals (ELIMINATED)

14. Cade McNown 3111 16 TD 19 INT 67.7 Bears (ELIMINATED)

Round One:

  • Stan Gelbaugh, SEA vs. Cade McNown, CHI
  • Akili Smith, CIN vs. David Klingler, CIN
  • Rusty Hilger, DET vs. Chuck Long, DET
  • Browning Nagle, NYJ vs. Tommy Hodson, NE
  • Heath Shuler, WAS vs. Ken Dorsey, SF
  • Andrew Walter, OAK vs. Randy Wright, GB
  • Tom Tupa, ARZ vs. Chris Weinke, CAR

Round 2: Due to the fact only seven teams would advance, Weinke advances for receiving the most votes on the losing end

  • Stan Gelbaugh, SEA vs. Randy Wright, GB
  • Akili Smith, CIN vs. Chris Weinke, CAR
  • Rusty Hilger, DET vs. Tom Tupa, ARZ
  • Browning Nagle, NYJ vs. Heath Shuler, WAS

Round 3: RYAN LEAF ENTERS AFTER A WELL-DESERVED TWO ROUND BYE WEEK. Like Weinke last round, Gelbaugh advances for most votes on losing side.

  • Ryan Leaf, SD vs. Randy Wright, GB
  • Stan Gelbaugh, SEA vs. Tom Tupa, ARZ
  • Akili Smith, CIN vs. Browning Nagle, NYJ

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