Beer commercials are a dime of dozen. They’re along the same lines of pole huggers who we love visiting at are favorite gentleman’s establishments and shearing our wealth with. Just as Randy, Candy, and Bambi, want to get into our pockets, (easy boy, not in that sort of way) the same can be said for the various beer companies. Always looking for that competitive edge, (no, not steroids) against all other competitors to present there products.

Now we all have our favorite beer spots, from the Man Laws, to the Budweiser Frogs and Wasssssssssup, to Red Stripe…So on and so forth! I’m just here to tell you, that whichever beer ad you call your favorite, well, it used to be once you see this one!! Believe me when I say the following Guinness is the single greatest beer commercial ever! Hell, screw beer commercials…It’s the single greatest commercial ever! Bar None!!

But don’t take my word for it…Have a looksy for yourself! Drink up….

[1] Priceless!! Absolutely priceless!! Although, I could do without the sloppy seconds when it comes to sharing my beer…However, in this instance, I can over look that! And on that note, um, would somebody go get me a freaking Guinness!! "A College Coach Celebrity Old Fart Death Match?" Who you got? Bobby Bowden or Joe Pa…Take time to stuff the Pick’em Poll ballot box! Besides it's good practice for the really shit in November...Although this for sure will be more rewarding!

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