Winter X Games 12: Day 2 Recap

The 2008 Winter X Games is now half over, unfortunately. Last night we had another action-packed night of action sports. The women had their shot at glory in both snowboarding, and skiing last night. Here's a recap of the night's action.

Women's Ski SuperPipe Finals:

Twenty five year-old Sarah Burke came away with the Gold, despite a 16.66 first-run score, after wiping out. Burke scored a 92 on her 2nd and final run, which was more than enough to win the Gold. In fact, she won by an astounding 10.67 points over the 2nd place finisher, Mirjam Jaeger from Switzerland. I am not exactly an expert on action sports, so I'll just give you the results.

Results (Run 1/Run 2/Best Score):

GOLD: Sarah Burke- Canada: (16.66/92.00/92.00)

SILVER: Mirjam Jaeger- Switzerland: (80.66/81.33/81.33)

BRONZE: Jen Hudak- US: (35.00/78.33/78.33)

4TH: Jess Cumming- US: (41.00/78.00/78.00)

5TH: Virginie Faivre- Switzerland: (77.66/65.00/77.66)

6TH: Grete Eliassen- Norway: (74.00/72.00/74.00)

7TH: Gina Gmeiner- US: (64.00/69.33/69.33)

8TH: Stephanie Sirianni- Australia: (50.00/62.00/62.00)

9TH: Em Lonsdale- UK: (55.00/58.66/58.66)

10TH: Roz Groenewoud- Unknown: (43.00/54.66/54.66)

11TH: Angeli VanLaanen- US: (25.00/36.66/36.66)

12TH: Kristi Leskinen- US: (20.00/20.00/20.00)

Women's Snowboard SuperPipe Finals:

Phenom snowboarder, Kelly Clark, looked as if she was going to dominate, and win the Gold, after seeing her first run, which scored a 90.00. But, everyone overlooked Gretchen Bleiler. The 26-year old Bleiler scored an 89.33 on her first run, and took the lead after scoring a 93.33 on her second. Bleiler didn't even have to take a 3rd run. Torah Bright came close, winning the Silver with her best score being a 92.66. Clark, the favorite, settled for the bronze, with her 90.00 being her best score.


Gold Medalist Gretchen Bleiler getting some big air in last night's Women's Snowboard SuperPipe

Results (Run 1/Run 2/Run 3/Best Score):

GOLD: Gretchen Bleiler- US: (89.33/93.33/- -/93.33)

SILVER: Torah Bright- Australia: (89.66/54.00/92.66/92.66)

BRONZE: Kelly Clark- US: (90.00/51.33/49.66/90.00)

4TH: Hannah Teter- US: (26.66/58.33/77.33/77.33)

5TH: Soko Yamaoka- Japan: (60.66/74.33/70.66/74.33)

6TH: Lizzy Beerman- US: (67.33/31.33/56.00/67.33)

Men's Ski Big Air Finals:

Simon Dumont, who won the Silver in the Ski SuperPipe on Thursday, was going for his first Gold medal in X Games 12. Unfortunately (for him), he failed to do so, falling in the semis. Read on to find out who DID win last night.


Jon Olsson def. Simon Dumont 2-1

Charles Gagnier def. Jacob Wester 3-0


Jon Olsson def. Charles Gagnier 3-0


I got kinda lazy, and didn't want to take the time to post up the results of the first round of SnoCross, so here's a link instead.


Tonight's X Games action may be the most exciting, and most action-packed. Right now, the SnoCross round 2 is going on (ABC: 3-6 PM ET). Later tonight, Shaun White will be competing in the SNowboard SuperPipe from 9-11 PM ET on ESPN. If you like action, you may want to tune in tonight.

Drama in Aspen:

Moments ago (5:24 PM ET on January 26th) Shaun White cracked his snowboard while getting ready for his first run in the snowboarding slopestyle Finals. White takes his run anyway and scores an 83.33, enough for 3rd place. I'll update you on his situation a little later, stay tuned.

UPDATE: At 5:55 PM ET, Shaun White took his second, and final run in the Snowboarding Slopestyle Finals. White was given a new board minutes before he went back out there, which was not enough time to get used to the board, so he was only able to score a 60.55. Andreas Wiig took home the Gold Medal, while White settled for the Bronze.

Day 3 Recap will be posted sometime tomorrow. ENJOY!!!

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