Winter X Games 12: Day 1 Recap

Last night marked day 1 of the 2008 Winter X Games. I noticed that not many people enjoy/have time to watch the X games, so for those that enjoy action sports. Last night there were two main events at the X Games in Aspen, Colorado.

Snowmobile Speed and Style Finals:

Levi LaVallee won the Snowmobile Speed and Style, a new event at the X Games this year. Levi scored a 91.00 in the Finals, beating out Sam Rogers, who scored an 82.07. For those that don't know, the Snowmobile Speed and Style event is a one-on-one race. One racer starts on the Speed course, which has no jumps, just a smooth course, while the other starts on the Style course, which has 3 ramps. The racer on the Style course has 3 jumps to woo the judges. After each guy completes their course, they switch courses, the guy on the Speed course switches to the Style course, and vice versa. The snowmobiler that completes the race first, gets 50.00 speed points, and judges, somehow decide how many speed points the other guys receives. Then, depending on their tricks on just the three ramps, judges give out points (up to 50), for each guy's style. Obviously, the guy that receives the most points between the Speed, and Style courses, moves on to the next round. It may sound confusing, but if you sit down, and watch it, it really isn't.


Sam Rogers during Thursday's Snowmobile Speed & Style event


Sam Rogers (United States) def. Chris Burandt (United States)

Heath Frisby (United States) def. Paul Thacker (United States)

Levi LaVallee (United States) def. Cory Davis (United States)

Joe Parsons (United States) def. Steve Martin (Canada)


Levi LaVallee def. Joe Parsons

Sam Rogers def. Heath Frisby


Levi LaVallee def. Sam Rogers


Joe Parsons def. Heath Frisby

Ski SuperPipe Finals:

The second event was the men's Ski SuperPipe Finals, with two guys looking for a 3rd Gold Medal in the event, Tanner Hall, and Simon Dumont. The more anticipated event of the night, and eventually proved to be the more exciting event. Dumont wiped out on his first run (out of three total runs), and scored a horrific 20.00, while phenom Tanner Hall snagged a score of 90.00 to take first place on his first run. Dumont, being the fantastic skier he is, redeemed himself on his second run, scoring an 87.66, which was only enough to get him up to 2nd. But, on Hall's second run, he improved his lead, scoring a 92.33. Since Hall was the last to take his run, he did not need to take a 3rd run, his 92.33 was enough to get him the Gold Medal, giving him his 3rd Gold Medal in the X Games Superpipe event.

Results (Run 1/Run 2/Run 3/Best Score):

GOLD: Tanner Hall (90.00/92.33/- -/ 92.33)

SILVER: Simon Dumont (20.00/87.66/91.00/ 91.00)

BRONZE: Colby West (61.00/71.00/85.00/ 85.00)

4TH: Andreas Hatveit (74.33/81.66/79/.00/ 81.66)

5TH: Jossi Wells (36.66/54.33/75.00/ 75.00)

6TH: Mike Riddle (69.66/70.00/26.66/ 70.00)

7TH: Peter Olenik (56.66/65.00/36.00/ 65.00)

8TH: Sean Field (64.00/64.00/42.33/ 64.00)

9TH: Matt Hayward (43.33/50.33/20.33/ 50.33)

Tonight's Events:

Ski SuperPipe Women's Final

Snocross Round 1

Snowboard SuperPipe Women's Final

Ski Big Air Final

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