Okay, while some of us were recovering from hangovers, watching the Rose Bowl parade (and those exceptionally HOT USC Song Girls!) Florida fall flatter than a tortilla chip in the Texas sun, out shopping, watching internet porn or the "Law & Order" marathon on TNT, I got to watch something that some should see once in a lifetime if not twice. I saw an NHL game. Not just any NHL game, mind you. A game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres in Buffalo but not indoors. Outdoors, the way Lord Stanley would have wanted it and the old boy would have been proud.

Granted, it snowed a lot during the game and there were some problems with the ice rink at Buffalo's stadium but it was three hours well spent at the tube. It was old school hockey with very few penalites (5, three by Buffalo, 2 by the Penguins) and well played. It didn't have the ending that the home team wanted but the hope of the NHL, Sidney Crosby, who could be compared to LeBron James, scored the winning goal in a shoot-out. This was hockey at it finest, when it needed it the most. Overall, despite some of the technical glitches that NBC had, I would give them an A. I would also give an A to the city of Buffalo and the NHL.

Of course, they have to take the rink down because they were in Wilson Stadium, which is designed for football. At the same time, Buffalo defenseman Brian Campbell said that they should leave the rink up and make some money by opening it to the public. Outdoor hockey was a hit and both teams handled things quite well. Now if only the NBA or WNBA would play a game outside.


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