As the final buzzer cried out you could hear the hearts of the home team crowd breaking in half, as many of them slid deep into their seats, covering their faces with hats or hands. As most chanted for their Penguins to show their appreciation. Some made the short walk to the exits that probably felt like miles, while others stuck around to see the enemy get the prize they so desperately wanted.

While on the ice the Champions celebrated, and the Kid stood at center ice as a Captain and waited for his opponent to shake each of their hands. One team was missing no equipment; each Penguin held their right glove under their left arm and congratulated the Detroit Red Wings. The Wings stood shaking the Penguins hands with no gloves and no helmets, they had a smile on their face and the guys who they were talking to were not smiling.

As the Penguins made there way back to the dressing room after a comeback that showed heart, but was held off by bigger heart and a few lucky bounces. The hardware was moved onto the ice. Henrik Zetterberg skated over to get the Conn Smythe Trophy, and the Red Wings celebrated with him. Then Nick Lindstrom skated over to pick up the 35-pound trophy, but that trophy must have felt like a feather. The trophy was passed around to the entire team as the Penguin fans showed so much respect to the Wings and the historic trophy, by sticking around and clapping for the trophy. The Detroit Red Wings deserved this Cup. They outplayed and outlasted the Penguins the entire series.

All though they did lose two games I and many other hockey fans thought the Wings out played the Pens in every second of those games as, they just did not get the lucky bounces then, but they defiantly did get the bounces in game six, as a last second Marian Hossa chance went just over Chris Osgood’s glove and just barley evaded the net.

The experienced Red Wings got goals from Brian Rafalski, Valtteri Filppula and one from Penguins goaltender Marc Andre Fleury that was credited to Henrik Zetterberg. The young Penguins, who will be back, got goals from young superstar Evgeni Malkin and a late goal that kept hope alive from rent-a-player Marian Hossa.

It was a great NHL season; it restored hope to many NHL cities and may have been the best season since the lock out.

Next week the rest of the NHL hardware will be handed out. A great season to all the NHL teams, and congrats the Penguins who had a great year but came up just short. And to the Champions of the National Hockey League the Detroit Red Wings.

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