It is about fifteen minutes before kickoff, and judging by the cutaways to the girl at the stadium, it looks to be a perfect day in central Florida.  The Fox pre-game show seemed heavily concentrated on the Giants (they are in the biggest market in the country, after all) and the Buccaneers seem vulnerable because they lost their last two games.

Going into this playoff season I am taking the same position I took at the end of 2002.  Whatever happens, I will be a Buccaneer's fan.  That year of course, I was richly rewarded!

As I've written here before, the Buccaneers won me over back in the mid 1990's when they were still wearing the horrible creamsicle uniforms and losing games in front of a half-empty lopsided sombrero.  They needed me!  The Buccaneer's story is a reason why football is America's sport.  Last year they won only four games and this year they are in the playoffs.  That just does not happen in baseball or basketball.

With the pirate ship, the flags, the cannon shots and the pageantry, and the glorious weather, Tampa Bay is widely thought of as one of the best venues for a football game.  May there be a great one today!

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