In recent memory, the system known as the BCS has been under heavy controversy.  Many (including me) don't believe this is the best system to determine who is the best team in football.  Reasons include (but not limited to): not enough games to determine rankings of first and second, strength of schedule difference, ranking bias, 8 other teams could beat the number 1 team if given the chance, etc.  Basically the college football champion is determined (for the most part) by a group of people ranking teams by what they believe in.  Then they do some weird calculation formula to determine the 1 and 2 teams then they play each other at some neutral field to determine the champion.  Time and time again, controversy has arised.  This year it's no different; in fact it happened after the first game of the season.

Do you remember who was ranked #1 before the season started.  You probably do since I mentioned it, but you wouldn't care if I hadn't.  With a total of 44 first place votes, it was Georgia.  They were the ones determined by these rankers to determine their own fate: win and go to the championship game, lose and it may not happen.  So what have they done? Win!  Great, so far they're going to the BIG game!  So what's the problem?  The same people who ranked them number 1 currently rank them thrid... with only a total of 4 first place votes.  Wait, what??  So now all of a sudden they believe USC and Oklahoma are better than Georgia, despite the fact the only thing Georgia has done is win.

Now with USC I understand, they beat a ranked (and very highly overrated) Ohio State team, but they moved ahead of Georgia only after the first game!  Georgia beat Georgian Southern, USC beat Virginia... both unranked, although I will admit Virginia can beat Georgia Southern, but how the hell can you still justify Georgia losing votes to USC after they both win?  To a ranked team, sure; unranked? no way!  The second week USC was also at a bye week the following week, and then stole even more votes from Georgia!  Reason?  who knows!

Then we have Oklahoma taking over Georgia.  Now in my preseason poll (and now) on a BCS Fan Poll (you should try this sometime by the way, google it!) I ranked Oklahoma 1 and Georgia 2.  However, since we're mainly talking about the rankings by the official rankers which rank Oklahoma behind Georgia, we'll focus more on their logic of them ranking Oklahoma now ahead of Georgia (or rather lack of logic).  All Oklahoma did was win vs. mediocre at best teams: Chattanooga, Cinncinati, and Washington.  How in the world can you rank Oklahoma ahead of Georgia when they only beat mediocre teams (basically as mediocre as Georgia's opponents: Georgia Southern, Central Michigan, South Carolina, and Arizona State).

Now, if USC, Oklahoma, and Georgia go undefeated (or at least finish with the same record), Georgia will most likely be jipped of a title hope!  Of course we're only 4 weeks into the season, but this has got to say something about the rankings by these people and how, once again, the BCS (Bowl Crap System) should be changed!

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