She reigned as the world's most infamous athlete in 1994 when her then-husband, Jeff Gillooly, orchestrated an attack on Nancy Kerrigan, Harding's top rival going into the Lillehammer Winter Olympics. Kerrigan recovered from getting whacked on the knee and went on to win a silver medal. Harding eventually was banned from figure skating, after an embarrassing performance at Lillehammer that included a re-start, when she claimed to have a problem with a skate lace.

Tanya Harding. Yes, THAT Tanya Harding, the same one who self-destructed in Lillehammer faster than that tape on Mission: Impossible  and had her wedding night taped as a porn tape has come out with a new book called The Tanya Tapes. Harding told the TODAY show's Meredith Vieira that she was just "a person who has led a roller-coaster life my whole entire life."

In the book, Harding said, she writes that she wanted to call the FBI after the Kerrigan incident, but that Gillooly, whom she since has divorced, wouldn't allow it.

Asked why she waited so long to tell the story, Harding said, "Ashamed," and "Scared." Regarding her mother, Harding's book says she would "drag me off the ice by my hair," when she skated poorly, and that she was struck regularly. NBC said it contacted Harding's mother, and that she denied any physical abuse.

I'm just waiting to see who plays Harding in the movie. Maybe Reese Witherspoon? I'm already picturing Billy Bob Thornton playing her ex and Angelina Jolie playing Kerrigan.  It should be an interesting read.

Just watch your knee caps!  

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