Don’t act shocked, the Iggles suck, they’re only going to get worse, and if Donovan McNabb has just a smidgen of brains, he’ll leave this season and find a new home. Too many organizations would love to have and appreciate a leader such as McNabb under center. However, he may be too loyal to a fault. So why do the Eagles suck?

Point #1: Let’s go all the way back to the 1999 NFL Draft when the “under/overrated” Donovan McNabb entered the NFL as the number two overall pick and the faithful Philly fans refused his arrival like Bill Clinton refused enlistment into the U.S. Military during Vietnam. The Eagles have never deserved a player of McNabb’s caliber, class, and unselfishness. Those qualities totally contradict eastern Pennsylvanians lifestyle.

From what I understand McNabb is pleading for more weapons.

Point #2: I sure hope he is considering Kevin Curtis was second on the team with 77 receptions and 1,110 yards receiving. He also chipped in 6 touchdowns. Not bad for a 6′0″ 186 lb. receiver from Utah State in his first season as a full-time starter. However, Curtis is a third option at best and that’s on a bad team. The bottom line is, he stinks as a full-time receiver and obviously the Eagles’ management has no clue what a “number one” on the NFL level looks like.

Point #3: As a matter of fact, the Eagles are clueless about various management decisions witnessed by releasing Trot right before the start of the regular season.

Point #4: What class this organization has firing a man in the final hour when it’s almost impossible to sign on with another team. What was their explanation for making such a poor decision? Coaches, management, and whomever else always preaches the importance of leadership and they fire their leader. The only explanation I would accept from Andy Reid would be; he has suffered from post traumatic stress due to the multiple run-ins his kids have had with the law, how they’ve strained his finances with attorney’s, rehabs, and chasing that white ghost, and how his team has underachieved for years. That was point #4 and #5. Regardless of making the playoffs, winning the NFC East, and playing in multiple NFC championship games in the early 2000’s, they have underachieved as a franchise. Oh well, I guess that’s how the Eagles roll.

Don’t worry I didn’t forget about Mr. Ostrich neck Reggie Brown who had a miserable season with 61 receptions and a defense that had no clue if they were coming or going. The only bright spot came from Pro Bowl starter Brian Westbrook who led the team in receptions (90), rushing yards (1,333) and touchdowns (12). McNabb you have nothing left to prove in Philly. Get Out!

Final Point: So why do the Eagles suck? You Philly fans didn’t get it did you?

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