What's the worst thing about the steroid problem in baseball?  Well, obviously nothing can top the vomit-inducing fact that now we all get to envision Roger Clemens with his pants down getting injected by Andy Pettitte, as my cohort Pete jokingly, but dead seriously, pointed out as I tossed the idea for this post by him.


Beyond that forgettable image (sorry) is another effect the steroid problem is having on not only baseball but sports in general.  A universal aggravation that impacts all fans everyday. It can be summed up in one word - Overshadow.  Since I don't want to add yet another steroids rant to the masses, I'll just give two examples of how steroids overshadowing all other sports news has literally kept me (and probably others) up at night.

Case 1 Sunday night the #1 team in college basketball had their undefeated record on the line in a nail-biting overtime game that came down to a last second 3-pointer made by a Philadelphia native.  Sadly this game was not televised (that's another issue itself), and after monitoring the game online via ESPN gamecast, I was anxiously awaiting the highlights.  To my chagrin most channels and sports news revolved around the Roger Clemens 60 Minutes interview.  So instead of reporting on the real sports story of the day, Sportscenter aired at least a half-hour of this clown's denials before I got to see the real action.  At this point it's around 11:30 p.m. on a work night (and now I sound like my mom). 

Case 2 Monday night the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns faced off in what was likely to be a fast-paced, high-scoring affair (again not televised - I really gotta get more sports channels).  The two teams combined are averaging 217.6ppg on the season.  Add the fact that my favorite NBA player, Allen Iverson, was playing and that makes my anticipation for the highlights blatantly obvious.  But wait ( literally).  I had to wait through the painfully boring Clemens/McNamee conversation where Roger tried to rope McNamee into confessing that Clemens was innocent but in the end neither said anything significant. I couldn't image a worse way to pass 30 minutes.  And again, it was past my bed time.

As someone who personally played against Wayne Ellington and is a die-hard UNC fan and a career-long A.I. fan, you can image how pissed I was, having to wait through countless amounts of steroids talk.  How many of your favorite sports teams and players have been overshadowed by this steroid crap?

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