I remember about a month ago now, I wrote about why we place blame on the losing team. Why, can't it just be that the winning team played well? I am pretty impressed by the national writers, as they have given credit to Tom Coughlin for coaching a great game, Eli for playing pretty mistake free, Burress for playing through injuries and the defense of NYG being almost unbreakable.

Most of the game was boring. I, as a HUGE sports fan forgot how the Patriots even scored their first touchdown (as I laid on a couch in the 3rd Quarter). Then, the game took off. David Tyree, Randy Moss, Plaxico Burress. It was an amazing finish. For Multiple Reasons.

Let me take you back to this: 4th and 20, Brady to Moss, incomplete. The score keeper in PHX, who just wanted to go home to his family let the clock run out, then added 3 seconds, then counted off 2, then added 1, then got rid of 1 and decided to stop the clock. While this was happening, confetti shot up (which was blue and red, so it saved the NFL a lot of money because it fit both teams), the players and coaches went to the middle of the field shook hugs and exchanged hugs.

The NFL Made a M-I-S-T-A-K-E!! They made the Giants kneel down with 1 second to go. How come when the Patriots made all those winning field goals, ALL 6 SECONDS WERE ALLOWED to come off the clock??

Both teams thought the game was over. I think that those who are bad-mouthing Belichick are ridiculous. How awesome was it, to just see Tom Coughlin able to celebrate with his team, instead of the handshake. They may not have shaken hands at the end of the game, but they did shake-hands.

Let's Blame the NFL for this one. The game was over, the Patriots conceded, and the Giants were able to celebrate in style.

Don't Blog That: While the Twins may talk contract-extension with Joe Nathan...don't look for them to sign him, it would ruin any shot of trading him if we fall out of the race.

How To Make Money: Find a Patriots Super Bowl 42 Champs Shirt and Sell it on Ebay.

What!?!?!: Somehow whenever I want to buy Twins tickets online, they always tell me "tickets not available in that area"- They can't all be sold out...can they!?!?!

Twins Jersey Numbers: Delmon Young-21 Brendan Harris- 23 (hopefully he throws better than Shannon Stewart) Mike Lamb- 24 (hopefully he moves better than Matt LeCroy) Adam Everett-12 (Chip Hale?? Tom Prince?? Brian Harper?? He can't hit much worse) Craig Monroe-27 (hopefully has more desire than Jeff Cirillo) Phillip Humber-49 (pitches better than Lohse?) Carlos Gomez- # (maybe buys 27 from Monroe, or Twins say " won't be here in June, and he will, so give it to him).

Let's Give Gomez #57!

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