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Article:Why I Did Not Make Any Moves At the MLB Trade Deadline

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Sure, I thought about getting involved at the deadline. Making some moves, making some waves. Shaking things up. In the end,as many of you know, I did not. Not a single deadline deal from Old Paticus. I decided to stand pat. Go forward with what I have. I kicked the tires on Manny. I listened on Raul Ibanez. I considered what it would cost to land Jarrod Washburn. But I didn't pull the trigger. Now, on the surface, it may appear that I did not make any trade deadline moves because I am not a GM of a baseball team, and I have no affiliation with Major League Baseball in any way. Heck, I don't even play fantasy baseball. And sure, that has something to do with it. But in reality, I think it goes deeper than that.I simply was not going to make a move just to make a move. Just to see my name on ESPN or FOX Sports. I just wasn't going to do it. And I'm at peace with that. and I think, in the long run, history will see that I was right to not make a move.

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