OK... so ANY conscious sports fan can appreciate the accomplishment, the feat, and the VALUE of winning 22 games in a row. It is a BIG DEAL... in any sport! You cannot take that away from them. No outcome of the season - as dismal as it may turn out in the playoffs for the Rockets - will EVER take away that they have won TWENTY TWO straight NBA games (and counting). Very impressive. 


So, in case you don't know me... I'm a true Suns fanatic. A fanatic; with orange and purple blood that dates me (unfortunately) back to the glory days of high school where a pride and fanship were birthed. Grown out of a small, Northern Michigan community where the seeds of stardom were sown... Traverse City was not just a cold, snow-blanketed land where snowmobiles roamed like bison and opening day of deer hunting season was a state holiday, it was a land that cultivated greats such as All-American Mark Brammer, Kenny Olson (cause 'I wanna be a Cowboy Bay-bee') and Thunder Dan Majerle

I slept with my basketball nightly and (as the best a 16-year old could do) mirrored my game after KJ. It was my first true-love NBA fanship and I had all the Barkley, Majerle and KJ posters to back it. The point is, I am not-a-fairweathered-happen-to-live-in-PHX-therefore-I'll-support-the-Suns kind of fan. I realize we all have our childhood sports gods, but then I guess you can understand how the Suns are truly mine. 

That being said... I am frustrated. I am frustrated and maybe a little antsy that over the past few years. The Suns have had such an AMAZING team that - make no excuses - have just not stood the test of time (or should I say, the Playoffs). I am pretty sure I put my unborn child's safety at risk during the 2003 first round playoff Game 1 against the Spurs when (then) rookie Amare banked a three to put the game into overtime and Starbury won the game with one of the most stabbing threes EVER... you have never seen a preggo out-jump her 6'6" husband... not a pretty sight. I actually shed a tear when I heard Amare would be out a season and his return would be under the black cloud of the dreaded post-microfracture surgery condition that others have shamefully played out. I am a SUNS FAN and will be for life, and G.D. it -I want to see a Championship!


This is why I root for the Rockets and hope they get to 25.


Go Rockets!!! See ya Saturday!


GO ROCKETS!  GO McGRADY! Keep shooting those lights out, Alston!!!!! Live it up! Beat those 52-13 Celtics... The way you're playing, take your easy #24 and #25 against the Hornets and the Warriors!!!   Because... there are few games that will rank with watching the Suns - in their finally-figured-it-out Shaq-era - STOP the streak dead at 25. 


So let the Celtics fold, let the Hornets be squashed and let the Warriors be blasted. The Suns have cultivated a chemistry and rhythym that is encouraging to me and dangerous to any bench that doesn't clear when Shaq chases down a loose ball. For the next five days, I declare myself a Rockets fan because if the three teams before Saturday fail to stop the Crazy Train, Saturday will join the list of my most memorable Suns moments - much like Starbury's three, Bell's clothesline to Kobe and Amare's sick dunk over Olowakandi - when Shaq, Nash, Stat and my boys killed "The Streak" at 25. 


GO ROCKETS (until Saturday)....

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