When did being a Hall of Famer mean that things get swept under the rug? Why are they given free passes when they should be held to a higher standard?

I ask these questions because, again, Steve Kelley gave me the heads-up in the Seattle Times…after almost  week.

Warren Moon is the color-analyst for the Seattle Seahawks as well as a Hall of Fame QB in both the NFL and CFL. And now he has two arrests for “Suspicion of Drunk Driving” under his belt.


Mr. Moon...Call a cab

Did you know that on Friday, December 28 th he was pulled over in the early morning and arrested under the suspicion of drunk driving? I didn’t. On the same day that Jim Leyritz was charged with DUI manslaughter and DUI property damage after running into a vehicle, killing a 30-year old woman.

An arrest for suspicion is different then an arrest for manslaughter, but why didn’t we hear about it? Why didn’t we hear about it when 9 months previous he had been arrested for the same thing?

I agree with Kelley that Moon is one of the class-acts in the NFL universe and he is a legend in the Seattle area.

He dealt with blatant (and sometimes scary) racism when he was the QB for the Washington Huskies, yet he persevered and became one of the best the school has ever seen.

He was snubbed during the draft so he went to the CFL where he became a star and Hall of Fame enshrinee in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

He was then brought to the NFL and quickly became a superstar.

He is great off the field as well, participating in a yearly golf charity event that he helps promote, schedule, book and play in.

Is that why we didn’t hear about him “driving under the influence”?  To me, this should be a reason TO hear.

I spoke with Joe (famous for Joe’s Video of the Week) and he thinks that if they will can Jerramy Stevens for this, Moon needs to go; in the name of consistency.

I agree with this, but I don’t. Yes, I want consistency, but I also understand what Moon has done for the team and community. I lean more towards Steve Kelley’s opinion:

“The Hawks should suspend him from Saturday's broadcast and make alcohol counseling one of the requirements for his return. A one-game suspension, with serious strings attached, would send a message to Moon. If he refuses counseling, he should be fired.”

That, to me, is more apropos for the issues that he is facing. Moon has become a spokesman for the Hawks and he should be treated with respect, but something must be done.

If the team is going to take such pains to bringing good guys and to build the team around character, then they should do that in the broadcast booth as well.

Warren, I really hope that you get the help that you need. And remember, that you can afford a damn taxi.

If not, call me. I’ll come pick you up.

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