Okay, so perhaps "dissing" is the wrong term to use, but let's think about it… For a franchise that has accomplished what they’ve done over the years, compiling what can be thought of as the second greatest dynasty since the Chicago Bulls had their sick run, (and if it wasn’t for Jordan who had the ridiculous thought enter his head about the fact that he could play baseball, it would’ve been an Eight-Peat) but yet we give them about as much respect as the L.A. Clippers. It’s along the same line seeing a Playboy Playmate in the same light as a 260-pound wideloader coming from the Golden Arches… Look, just because they’re both blonde, (or brunette, whichever you prefer) well, that’s the only thing that these two beauties have in common.

Unlike the two lovely ladies, if the San Antonio Spurs go on and win another championship this season, (which is a big "if") some might argue that what they’ve done surpasses what the Bulls did all throughout the 90’s. I, for one, don’t think so seeing as I’m from Chicago, but in reality that argument just might be a valid one, especially given what the strength of the Western Conference was this year. Of course, I’m putting the cart before the horse on that, but it’s really mind boggling to think what this team has attained over the years, yet they always seem to fly under the radar. All the Spurs seem to be known for is Tony Parker’s wife; funny, last time I checked she’s always in the stands. The Spurs should be thanking God for her: she’s the one that puts the team in the news more times than not. Who would’ve thought that? A team with a collection of quality talent, to go along with one of the best big men in the game, and a coach who has to be considered one of the best the league has ever seen. All that compiled into one team and yet it’s one of the player's wives who brings the attention to the team.

It’s very difficult to understand this notion when it comes to the Spurs and the public perception away from the Riverwalk. Outside of their city, they’re thought of as nothing more than… well let me just put it this way: riding up and down on an elevator all day long has more thrill to it than what the Spurs have to offer! And that’s just it right there: the Spurs might be one hell of a basketball team, organization, etc. (they might be one of the greatest teams this league has ever seen to lace them up) the brand of basketball might be delighting to watch, but that’s where the amusement ends: when the final buzzer sounds. Outside the basketball lines, they’re nothing more than stiffs. Tim Duncan, the face of this franchise, transforms back into a mime who goes back into his little box and everybody else seems to follow suit! Of course, I’m guessing the Spurs don’t give a shit about this, just as we don’t give a shit about which Hollywood star got busted last night for picking up a prostitute (hey, a guy has needs). This perception of them over the years has remand consistant…There’s something else that has too, them winning title after title!

So is it the lack of star power among this team not willing to venture out and do endorsements, thus the reason why we don’t pay attention to the Spurs? Of course, no doubt, that has something to do with it. Is it also partially due to the fact that they reside in Texas. And well, besides farming, selling oil and football... that’s really what the state is all about. So what the hell is it then? Why do we look at this team/franchise as a case of hemorrhoids? Knowing full well they’re there…Just not paying any attention to them??

There's one thing I do know: to have one of the best teams in the league's history resides in San Antonio, Texas. David Stern can’t be all too please about that! "Go Lakers and Celtics!" That’s a wet dream come true for him!

Vote In new Pick’em Poll which poses the question that everybody who has a pair of grapes, (excluding Lance Armstrong & John Kruk of course) needs to answer…All be it, it’s never easy! "Blondes or Brunettes?" I must warn you, by not voting in this, it means, well, you must be gay! However, I guess it’s a perfect way to come out of closet… aims to please!

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