There’s a loaded question of sorts. Is it the milk dude (that’s your business, I sure as hell don’t want to know), the UPS lady, Mr. And Mrs. Claus, Playboy’s Miss March 2007 (or whichever month/year bubbles your blood), your kid? How about oh, Peyton Manning and of course brother Eli. Tony Romo? Never know, Jessica might be in there too.

Brett Farve, Steve Smith, Randy Moss? If you haven’t figured out that I’m referring to jerseys, might I suggest laying off the retard sandwich diet for awhile! Yes, we all have them in our closets…Along with a ball and chain who keeps nagging the shit out of us to get rid of them. Hey bitch, do we tell you to get rid of the 100 pairs of shoes that you own for the two feet that you have? Or the 50 purses you’ve obtained when you can carry only one at a time. Or how about the 25 bras that for whatever reason you need when you only have two tits! Yeah, how about that shit…So don’t be bitching about our jerseys stuffed in the back of the closet!

Sorry about that, had to get that off my chest! As I was saying, as all sports it’s like a prerequisite for each and everyone of us to have some kind of jersey…No matter if it’s from the NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAA, and yes even NHL. Fans & jerseys are just a staple throughout sports! Some treat jerseys as baseball cards and just collect them! For some it’s a way to show team pride, for others it’s a way for them to show off their favorite player even if he doesn’t necessarily play for our favorite team.

So today, the NFL released it’s annual Top 20 selling jerseys of 2008…Some are staples in who you’d figured to be on the list. While others might be a bit of a surprise of both appearing in the Top 20 for this year and not appearing. Take a looksy.

First off, what’s up with the top 3? Ok, I get Favre…Gotta have that new, fresh Jets gear since this is the only year consumers will ever see him in Green & White, (or at least it should be)! But Romo and Eli two and three…Are you kidding me? What, one dates a blonde bombshell and one throws a hailmary in the Super Bowl that sticks to David Tyree’s melon and they suddenly have their threads in hot commodity. Romo shouldn’t even be the best seller on his team, but rather Marion Barber! And you’re going to tell me more peeps wanted an Eli jersey over a Peyton one? Maybe so, only because that they’ve become like assholes…Everybody has one! I guess that’s why L.T’s just below him at nine…Or the fact that he’s turning into a punk ass puss! Although, I’ll admit I do have two of his powder blues.

I find it funny, for a cat who didn’t even play a half of football…Who has "Swiss Cheese Knee", Tom Brady lands at 11. And that’s just above a douche bag who spreads cancer throughout a locker room faster than a California wildfire. Don’t get that shit? Those two make it, but Phillip Rivers, after having a career year didn’t make this Top 20 on top of a solid year last season? No Larry Fitzgerald, No Steve Smith & DeAngelo Williams, No Ray Lewis or Ed Reed? However, Jason Witten makes the list at seven, makes sense like having six fingers on one hand! Glad to see Matt Ryan made the list…First of many!

Just some of my thoughts…Lets Drink!

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