Every year 4-8 players/contributors/coaches are inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. These are the eight I believe should be inducted.

1.Jerry Rice-greatest receiver all time no doubt he should get in

2.Emmitt Smith-in the top 5 best running backs of all time should get in

3.Ken Anderson-should already be in there, he was the pioneer of the west coast offense, led the Bengals to their 1st SB and almost won it there is no doubt that he should be inducted

4.Roger Craig-one of the best all around running backs of all time and should get in

5.Richard Dent-he was an eighth round draft choice in '83 and was MVP of the 85 seasons SB and had over a hundred sacks and went to 8 pro bowls. what more does he need to be inducted.

6.Dick LeBeau-great corner for the lions who is also in the top 10 list of most interceptions and is a great defensive coordinator for the Steelers he should get in

7.Clay Matthews-good linebacker that should be inducted, not much else.

8.Phil Simms-great QB that arguably had the greatest performance in the SB to date.

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