In the NFL today I think the only clear cut, top notch, personnel people are whoever happens to be working with Belichick and Bill Polian of the Colts. A.J. Smith in San Diego seems to draft well. In the 60's Lombardi ruled the game. The 70's I'm not sure about. Whoever put together the Steelers, Cowboys, Raiders (Al Davis?), and Vikings teams of that decade were the best I suppose. The 80's belonged to the Niners. Carmen Policy, I believe was the GM for them. Parcells and the Giants also had a nice run. And you can't forget about Joe Gibbs and the 'Skins. In the 90's the Cowboys were back on top, followed by the Broncos and the Packers. So who were the front office people that put these teams together or was it mostly just good coaching?

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