With the announcement of who will fill out the All-Star roster for both the East and the West coming out tonight, I figured I would weight in with my 2 cents.  Each conference must have on their bench 2 guards, 2 forwards, 1 center, and then 2 whatever you’re feelin’. 


First in the Eastern Conference:


Starters: G Jason Kidd, G Dwyane Wade, F Kevin Garnett, F LeBron James, C Dwight Howard.


Don’t really have any problems here.  Take a look at the backcourt though with their combined 28 wins.


G Chauncey Billups (17.9 pts., 7.1 assists)

G Joe Johnson (21.2 pts., 4.4 rebs., 5.3 assists)

F Paul Pierce (20.1 pts., 5.7 rebs., 5 assists)

F Caron Butler (21.9 pts., 7 rebs., 4.3 assists)

C Chris Bosh (22.7 pts., 9.1 rebs.)*


F Antawn Jamison (21.4 pts., 10.6 rebs.)

F Josh Smith (18 pts., 8.1 rebs., 3.2 blocks)



Western Conference:


Starters: G Kobe Bryant, G Allen Iverson, F Carmelo Anthony, F Tim Duncan, C Yao Ming.


How Chris Paul is not starting is beyond me.  Fan voting is for the birds.  My subs are…


G Chris Paul (20.8 pts., 3.9 rebs., 10.7 assists)

G Steve Nash (17.4 pts., 11.9 asts., 48% 3FG)

F Carlos Boozer (22.4 pts., 10.6 rebs., 55% FG)

F Dirk Nowitzki (22.3 pts., 8.6 rebs.)

C Marcus Camby (9.3 pts., 14.3 rebs., 3.9 blocks)


F/C Amare Stoudemire (22.7 pts., 9 rebs., 59.5% FG)

G Baron Davis (22.3 pts., 4.8 rebs., 8.1 assists)


Just missing the cut: Brandon Roy (he needs to be there somehow), Deron Williams, Josh Howard, Stephen Jackson, Shawn Marion, Chris Kaman, and Tyson Chandler


We’ll have to wait and see until tonight who the coaches pick.  

Rich Keefe

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