In the latest news from the Mets list of Spring Training news is
   that David Wright and Jose Reyes are the only projected starters to
   remain fully healthy.
   Wait a minute!  Wait a minute!
   is the good news.  The bad news (and what seems to be the Mets'
   everyday news) is that another player is out.  Moises Alou is expected
   to miss four to six weeks with a hernia surgery.  The Mets are in
   desperate needs of a player that can play outfield and first base and
   it would be nice if he had some power and could also hit left handed
   XAVIER NADY please come on down!
   I would LOVE, you hear me LOVE X-Man
   to come back.  He is one of my favorite players and would fit the Mets
   needs.  (Well some, they have A LOT!)  I am all for him as long as the
   Mets don't have to pay too much to get him.  (That means JOE SMITH is a
   no-no!)  I really want Xavier and so so many New York fans were not
   ready to let him go!  He is loved by everybody and fits in well in the
   In Pittsburgh he was 'the funny one' (not exact quote) according to Matt Capps!
   So,  come on Metsies!  Bring Xavier back!
   Pretty, pretty please, with a cherry on top!

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