Here we are, two weeks into living in the LAB, (that’s short for Life After Brady) and one would’ve thought it’d be getting old by now ripping the Pats and their crybaby fans…That couldn’t be more further from the truth! Actually, it’s the whole reason why I wake up in the morning, well that and also because my freaking bladder is about to burst…Guys, you feel me on that one! Figurative speaking of course! Not literally…All you Pickle Pirates back the F-Off!

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s wearing my Bernard Pollard Fan Club nightshirt to bed every evening…For it brings me sweet dreams of seeing the Patriots season come crashing down as Bernard lunges for the Golden Boy, slowing falling to the turf. Bringing all the hopes of playing in Super Bowl XLIII with him.

Sweet dreams for me and many others that is who diSPIES. For those who are Pats fan, well, different story…And let me just say my heart pumps piss for you…It really does! Must admit though I get my rocks off as I rejoice watching you agonize! I really do!

Take this follow clip for example…Very amusing indeed, but around the 35 seconds the "Shock and Awe" look gets me going in my pants every time. Just something about a Pat fan choking to death on his Lays potato chip that I just find humorous!

Roll it…

Some shit never gets too old!!!

A College Coach Celebrity Old Fart Death Match?" Who you got? Bobby Bowden or Joe Pa…Take time to stuff the Pick’em Poll ballot box! Besides it's good practice for the really shit in November...Although this for sure will be more rewarding!

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