Babe Ruth


Walter Payton

Walter Payton

Michael Jordan


Wayne Gretzky


Lance Armstrong

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Pete Sampras

Sampras Pete604

Andrew Jones


Tiger Woods


Hulk Hogan


Muhammad Ali


Shaun White

This is no particular order. Just some sports and the best of the best that I could come up with on the top of my head. Please feel free to add onto and "argue".

But my question to all will be:

"Who has dominated THEIR particular sport the best?"

Romiezzo brought up a point about why don't I include a few sentences or a paragraph on WHY I feel that this athlete is at the top of the list at each sport. I started to, but stopped, as all I was doing was including a bunch of stats that you all pretty much know. I also think I have included the MOST obvious answers for most of these sports (the rugby one I looked up).

But to answer my own question of Who has dominated their particular sport the best I have to go with Tiger Woods (and I'm not really a golf fan). Maybe it isn't fair to say him since he doesn't play a team sport but I have to stick to it. It's just absolutely ridiculous that people ASSUME that he is going to win every tournament he enters. That the odds are over 50% favored for him to win each and every time he steps up to that first tee. Usually, even in tennis they might give that person a 1/10 odds of winning that tournament but over 50%???? That's crazy talk. To even consider that HE COULD possibly win every tournament he enters this year is absurd (yet many many articles yesterday were written about it).

Michael Jordan in my mind dominated the basketball court. He is definately up there, higher than Wayne Gretzky or even Walter Payton, in my mind when comparing pure DOMINATION on the court. MJ, when on, could do whatever he wanted on that court. Sampras is CURRENTLY the top in tennis, but Federer will probably one day pass him. That leaves baseball. In my mind I personally think baseball is a sport where ONE player really can't totally dominate the game; the pitcher is the only one who has a fighting chance. Maybe that's a great reason on why baseball is such a great "game". It just simply doesn't allow for the fact that it can be ruled by one king.

So instead of including reasons to my picks maybe I'll just give you this. To me Tiger is a god. TOP OF THE TOP. Nobody can touch him when you think about pure domination.

If you can come up with other sports, athletes, etc, (maybe somebody has dominated the ping pong table for years and I don't know about it) let me know.

I'm here to contribute and have fun, not argue. Sports only.

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