Just like most of us do, I took the Monday after the Super Bowl off. Yes, it goes without saying that this should be a national holiday anyway, but hey, who’s ever in charge of making those determinations must be the same cat that was in the replay booth on Sunday without a clue! Yesterday allowed me to sit back and examine what the hell I just witnessed, as I’m sure that’s how Cardinal fans felt…That’s if such exists anymore, considering the fact that there’s no more bandwagon to hop aboard.

I guess it should be no surprise to any that Super Bowl 43 was televised by NBC…A networks slogan which is "Must See TV"! And that it was indeed! All through the week, this years edition of the big game was getting ripped and getting dubbed as the quietest Super Bowl in recent memory. An event that nobody was showing up to, parties were getting canceled, tickets being sold at face value…Two teams who aside from the Kurt Warner factor weren’t really giving the media any buzz during the week, created the kind of buzz Sunday evening that will go into Super Bowl lore! Much was said immediately after the game and then all day yesterday to the realm of, "Was this the greatest Super Bowl game ever?". This question coming on the heels of what we all witnessed last season in Super Bowl 42 out in Glendale. We all thought we saw everything that we possibly could see in the big game last season…Thinking it couldn’t get any better than what the desert brought to us. But did it?

For me, Super Bowl 43 was a replica of Super Bowl 38 in Houston. An average first half of play, (aside from the 100-yard pick six, thanks to Antrel Rolle’s pancake block on Larry Fitzgerald). The with the third quarter picking up the pace a little, not much…And then with the fourth quarter resembling a wild, wild, west shootout. With the team with the ball last was going to win! Anybody will say that the Cardinals just ran out of time…And that they did! Just as the Panthers ran out of time in Super Bowl 38. Watching that Super Bowl five years ago, the same question was being asked, "Was that the greatest Super Bowl ever?" Before that the same question was raised in regards to Super Bowl 36…Before that the question was attached to Super Bowl 34. Super Bowl 23 raised the same question…And others before that, (I’m just too young to remember…I go back to Super Bowl 20). Every great Super Bowl game we witness, this question is always asked…And for good reason, besides, sports is a genre of debatable platform. Everything can and will be debated.

For some, SB43 and everything in encompassed it that 60 minutes will top some peeps list of Greatest Super Bowls ever. Others will have it in the mix, (personally, I don’t see how the hell you can’t have it in the discussion). Who knows where the BCS would have it? All I know is, that my Fav-5 Super Bowls sponsored by T-Mobile looks like this…

(keep in mind my youth)

It’s a tough call between #2 & #3

1. ' St. Louis vs. Tennessee

Super Bowl XXXIV (January 30, 2000)

2. Pittsburgh vs. Arizona

Super Bowl XLIII (February 1, 2009)

3. New York Giants vs. New England

Super Bowl XLII (February 3, 2008)

4. New England vs. Carolina

Super Bowl XXXVIII (February 1, 2004)

5. New England vs. St. Louis

Super Bowl XXXVI (February 3, 2002)


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