Now with Super Bowl 42 in the books and with that a nice bow was put on an historic season…It’s now time to fast forward to next year. Alright, alright, I admit it…I’m just like Peyton Manning in his MasterCard commercial missing the flying pigskin already…And after Sunday’s Pro-Bowl we’ll all slip into a state depression of which will last until mid to late July. Sure there’s the NFL Draft in April, which at the time Mel Kiper Jr. will make his cameo appearance for three weeks…Although, the Draft is just like that blonde bombshell pole hugger Crystal! Knowing how to push all the right buttons and then leaving us with that empty feeling…Damn you, Kiper!

Anyhow, July seems like it will never get here especially when we still see Super Bowl 42 crystal, (oops, no pun intended) in our rear view mirrors, (easy, on the "rear view"). Anyhow, the scene fast forwards from Glendale, Arizona to Tampa, Florida site of Super Bowl XLIII, (or if you have dyslexia in understanding roman numerals, it’s 43). Awesome…Another "Soakfest" in the Soggy Sunshine State! Now who will be the two participating teams? Well, you got me hanging by your left nut, (or in Lance Armstrong’s and John Kruk’s case I guess it can be the right one) whatever! If I had my choice, I’d love to see my Bears in the Sunshine State again, (minus Wreck Grossman, of course) but I’m no Sylvia Browne appearing on the Montel Williams show ever couple of months! Although, I guess that wouldn’t be a bad idea to see what she has to say and then go to Loss Vegas with it! Hey, I might be onto something there!

Nevertheless, the game will be played in Tampa and the two teams will be determined at a later date. The game will be broadcast by NBC which makes its triumphant return to televising Super Bowls…Hell, it’s only been about a decade since they last did one! Welcome Back! Although perhaps that’s the reason why the Super Bowl XLIII, (43 shit for brains) looks God awful!

Now I must say that ever since SB XXVII, (that’s 27 people) the NFL has done a great job creating logos for the big-game…However, pre 27, well, the words blah, dull, and boring-ass come to mind. At first see the 42 one, I wasn’t a big fan of it, but it grew on me. So now it’s bye-bye Glendale, hello Tampa… And what better time to unveil the new logo then the day after the previous Super Bowl.

So says somebody of importance related to this puke…"The logo features an abstract representation of Raymond James Stadium, with a star on each side of the logo representing the AFC and NFC. It will be the first official Super Bowl logo to use the color green, with blue and green hues designed to reflect the natural elements of Tampa Bay. The Super Bowl XLIII game logo was created to reflect the natural elements of Tampa Bay, including the blue and green hues of the regional waterways and landscapes. The design showcases an abstract representation of a stadium and field. The stars on either side of the logo symbolize the AFC and NFC Conferences, a tradition that began with the Super Bowl XL logo. This represents the first time this color green has been used in an official game logo."

Sadly I must warn you that next year’s logo really looks like the NFL along with NBC held a nationwide coloring contest, (ages 5-9) with the chosen one receiving two free tickets to the game! The colors are more like the Tampa Bay Rays' new color scheme, with the natural green and blue…If that’s what they call "natural elements of Tampa", I could do without!

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