With Michael Vick finally out of prison all eyes are on what’s next. Vick has pretty much been sentenced for 10 years as an NFL player but unfortunately its still not set in stone whether or not he can play again and if reinstated who will take the risk of signing him. We have seen a huge decline in scrambling QBs and the ones in college find themselves in 5th and 6th rounds, far cry from when Vick was the No. 1 overall. However the wildcat formation has become the NFL’s craze like Twitter and suddenly teams need agile QB’s to pull it off. Of course, this will soon die out like sitcoms on the CW but the window is there for Vick.

But of course Vick has a bigger PR circus than T.O., Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds combined. Vick is an ex con. Surely people quickly forget what exactly he was convicted for(meaning he was NEVER found guilty of animal cruelty) whoever gives Vick a second chance will be surely met by PETA who will not hesitate to bank on their high profile enemy #1. But do not be fooled, teams that think they are saving face by publicly casting off Vick will also be met by supporters quick to pull the race card. Its a lose lose.

There’s few cities that will welcome him and the ones that do probably don’t need him. For example I believe he would’ve been accepted back in ATL had Matt Ryan not been so good. Leaves you to wonder what if Vick was sentenced to 10-12 months like he should’ve been…hmmm. Anyways here's a list of teams I think Vick should try first.

Oakland Raiders
Fan Base: Pretty much given up on everything.
QB Situation: The Raiders invested a ridiculous amount in Russell likely to watch him develop into the poor mans Byron Leftwich.
Trizz Thinks: Nothing the Raiders do surprises anyone so I wouldn’t be shocked if he got at least a tryout.

Denver Broncos
Fan Base: Not too promising.
QB Situation: I mean they gave away Jay Cutler for next to nothing, Vick could beat out Kyle Orton easily.
Trizz Thinks: Josh McDaniels seems like one not afraid to take risks. However I just don’t think the owners would approve.

San Francisco 49ers
Fan Base: The old timers won’t be too happy, if he wins they will accept.
QB Situation: They pretty much have whatshisname or thatotherguy under center.
Trizz Thinks: Mike Singletary likes Vick but it took him YEARS to get a coaching gig would he risk it by grabbing Vick. San Fran is one of the most storied franchises and idk if the Owners would risk it being tainted by Vick.

Carolina Panthers
Fan Base: Very strong from his Atlanta days.
QB Situation: They love Delhomme despite the fact that he’s mediocre at best. in spite of having one of the best receivers they are a rushing team like Atlanta was.
Trizz thinks: I really would love to see Vick in Carolina but the Panthers appear spoken for.

Minnesota Vikings
Fan Base: Delusional, they will accept Vick as their savior.
QB Situation: If the Favre pursuit isn't an indication they don’t like their QBs. JDB was pretty much drafted as a practice squad QB, Sage Rosenfels is just the best of the worst and Tavaris Jackson is pretty much Michael Vick without the explosiveness. Left handed, inaccurate most of the time, No. 7.
Trizz Thinks: Favre will likely be QB for the Vikings in the next coming weeks but if he doesn't why not let Vick try. Their QBs should be crying Jay Cutler style but even they know they aren't good enough.

New England Patriots
Fan Base: Will ride out for Vick, as we do with all our players, regardless what they do.
QB Situation: Brady will be under center until he is years past his prime and will still play until he is done playing. However if Pat White recruiting wasnt an indication Belichick wants a more versatile QB for a wildcat like scheme.
Trizz Thinks: If there is anyone that will be willing to not worry about PR and do what he wants. It is Bill Belichick. He will cut anyone, draft anyone, play anyone at any position he chooses. If Vick could show he still got it I think the Patriots would give him a shot. Not as starting QB but somewhere, hell let him hold kicks maybe let him go for a Fg fake when the Patriots are up 40. Boston fans are the most hated yet loyal. We defended Spygate til the death, we let Manny be Manny, we reached out to Randy Moss and defended him even when he was Chris Browning women(remember the lawsuit) if Vick puts on blue and red he becomes part of the family, myself already a Vick supporter through the end will be proud to watch Vick in the preseason.

All biases aside, Vick deserves a shot. Everyone makes mistakes and he has paid for his. He lost 2 years of his life, millions of dollars and a larger than life reputation. And who knows, maybe Vick has gotten better if he wants to make 10 mil/yr he is going to have to be better than he has ever been.As a football fan you have to be intrigued to see if he still has it.

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