Theres been alot of talk surrounding Lito Sheppard being traded to the Bengals for Chad Johnson before the end of the draft. The Bengals claimed they did not plan on trading Chad Johnson and denied trade offers from other teams. Well now the drafts over, Lito is an Eagle and Chad is still complaining in Cincy. But now more trade rumors have surfaced about Lito possibly going to the Panthers. Apperantly Lito's agent Lamont Smith has been talking to the Panthers orginaztation to get a couple of draft picks in the 2009 draft. When Andy Reid was asked about the trade with the Panthers he said  "As I sit here right now, Lito is an Eagle. That's how it is, just like every other guy on this football team." With post draft training camp starting this weekend a deal maybe done sometime within the next few weeks.


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