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Can the Patriots spiral from the NFL elite to the lowly ranks of the Cincinnati Bengals, Florida State football program or current edition of the Missouri Tiger basketball team.

The transition started innocently enough with Randy Moss's bi-annual personal issue, a restraining order issued by a supposed friend (who happens to be a female that allegedly made a habit of laying below and on top of Moss from time to time).

Now, Patriots defensive back Willie Andrews, a second year player out of Baylor, has decided that being an NFL player isn't good enough for him. Earning a 2007 salary of $321,500, Andrews was looking for more. I fully understand that $300 large is the poverty line in the NFL, but come on. When is enough, enough?

Willie was recently caught with 3 bags of the sticky icky and claims he had no intention to smoke it. Willie, Willie, Willie. Your toothless, smelly-ass dealer should have learned you better. Now, instead of just looking like a weed-head, Willie is being charged with intent to distribute.

Nice Little Sundays Solution : Players that are too stupid (that's a nice way of putting it) to understand the opportunity they have been blessed with, and are not bright enough to take advantage of said opportunity, should be forced to quit playing football and attempt to make a living via whatever illegal activity they are allegedly partaking in. If they are distributing weed, make a living at it. Soliciting prostitutes, make a living at it. Whatever their vice, let them make $300,000 doing that without ever getting caught, then let them try to collect a pension from their dealer, the corner pimp, etc. Why would they want to PLAY football for a living, earn a player pension after three years that is 3 times the national average income?

This off season the Patriots are likely to see Tedy Bruschi and Junior Seau retire, and just as likely to re-sign Randy Moss. I'd say they are heading in the right direction.

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