With Super Bowl Sunday this here lies a dilemma, not just any dilemma…I’m not talking a minor one, no, no, it’s a biggie. When is the right time to take a piss, (or if you’re not in the confines of your own pad, I guess the proper edict is, "Excuse me, can you tell me where the little boys room is…I must go relieve myself of this six pack of Miller Lite in my holding tank.". Yeah, yeah, whatever…Emily Post would be so proud! And oh yeah, don’t forget to wipe the seat and put it down when you’re done…Thank you!

In all seriousness though, when are we suppose to take a piss? During commercials? Are you fukcing kidding me? Check out the Little Boys room during commercials…That’s almost as bad as the cable company experiencing technical difficulties doing the game and suddenly you’re watching the series finale of The Sopranos again…Minus Steve Perry blaring! And I’m sure some have had this experience…Just fortunately Steve hasn’t teamed up with Brighthouse Cable and GPS my pad yet! But going to examine the bathroom décor during a Super Bowl ad? Okay, I’ll admit most are dumb and overrated and ponder why would you spend millions of dollars on the shit?

So the dilemma is, what’s more important…Make like a Nascar Pit stop, relieve oneself because their bladder is going to burst more so than Charlie Weis’s pants belt. All the while running out in under 10.2 seconds with your Calvin Kleins up, but your Levi’s still down around your ankles as if though you just got busted with a lot more than your hand in the cookie jar at the "No Tell Motel" by your ball-n-chain. No need to say, "it’s not what it looks like"…Because it is! As you don’t want to chance missing that one second beer ad on Sunday. No explanation needed.

Truth is, watching these Super Bowl spots can be more entertaining than the game itself, hopefully that’s not the case Sunday. Come Super Sunday we all need catheters otherwise that "splash and go" pit stop visit to the porcelain bowl just might have us missing this…

So what’s a guy to do when he has to take a piss Sunday? YEAH, YOU FEEL ME... IT’S A MAJOR DILEMMA!  WHO KNEW? Who’s gonna win the Vince Lombardi Trophy on Sunday? Vote Here…

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