Yeah.....simulation time!


(Actual score in brackets)

Washington Redskins 16 Green Bay Packers 6 (17-14 GB....DeShawn Wynn started as RB)

Cleveland Browns 49 Miami Dolphins 27 (41-31 Cle)

Chicago Bears 25 Minnesota Vikings 24 (34-31 Min, AP ran for 90 yards on 15 carries for a TD, but Chicago score 12 unanswered with 2:30 left to pull off the win)

Baltimore Ravens 24 St. Louis Rams 20 (22-3 Bal)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 Tennessee Titans 10 (13-10 Ten)

Philadelphia Eagles 14 New York Jets 13 (16-9 Phi)

Cincinnati Bengals 27 Kansas City Chiefs 24 (27-20 KC)

Jacksonville Jaguars 27 Houston Texans 17 (37-17 Jax)

Arizona Cardinals 48 Carolina Panthers 25 (25-10 Car)

San Diego Chargers 35 Oakland Raiders 10 (28-14 SD)

New England Patriots @ Dallas Cowboys (Game of the Day, 48-27 NE)

Seattle Seahawks 19 New Orleans Saints 16 OT (28-17 NO)


New York Giants 33 Atlanta Falcons 0 (31-10 NYG)

Game of the Day: Patriots @ Cowboys

The undefeated Patriots faced their toughest test of the season, against the 3-2 Dallas Cowboys.

1st Quarter

Boring.....the Patriots kicked a FG on their opening possession, punts traded, and nothing more. 3-0 Patriots.

2nd Quarter

The Cowboys benefited from a great kickoff return to the Patriots 42, and in 6 plays, Tony Romo found Jason Witten, who then shed some tackles and got the touchdown. 7-3 Cowboys. That Dallas defense then held their own, preventing New England from scoring a touchdown, and instead let them kick another field goal. 7-6 Cowboys. With 7:01 left in the half, Tony Romo connected with Terrell Owens for a 55 yard gain to the Pats 19! Two plays later, Marion Barber scored from 12 yards out. 14-6 Cowboys....could it be? With the Patriots driving at the Dallas 34, the Pats, like in the real world, went for it on 4th and 8. Brady throws....INCOMPLETE!!! Dallas then drove right down the field and kicked a last second field goal to make it Cowboys 17 Patriots 6 at halftime.

3rd Quarter

Dallas started the 2nd half with a bang. A 9 play, 72 yard drive, with Romo completing passes to TO and Witten for 16 and 21 yards respectively. On a 3rd and 3, Romo to Crayton...TOUCHDOWN DALLAS!!! 24-6 Cowboys...upset city for now. New England would not fall over, as they used their underrated running game on 7 of their 10 plays, and it was capped off by a Laurence Maroney 3 yard TD run. 24-13 Cowboys after 3, Pats ball at beginning of 4th.

4th Quarter

Tom Brady worked his magic, going 3-3 on the drive, and Kevin Faulk scored from a yard away. They went for the 2 pt. conversion, but failed. 24-19 Pats with 12:09 left. Tony Romo, having a career day, responded going 3-3 for 37 yards on his drive.....but Dallas needed 6 to pull away and some time off the clock. Marion Barber and Julius Jones pounded that Patriots defense, and from 3 yards away, Tyson Thompson powered his way for a touchdown! 31-19 Cowboys with 6:09!!!!! The Pats went on a long, methodical drive, as they needed a TD to make it a one possession game....on 4th and 5, Brady to Moss, SHORT OF THE FIRST DOWN!!!!! COWBOYS BALL WITH 3:16 LEFT!!!

Leave it to Julius Jones to fumble the ball, giving the Patriots new life with 2:04 left. At the 20 yard line, less than a minute, 4th and 5, Maroney runs to the outside.......

STOPPED!!!!! IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COWBOYS BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Romo to run out the clock, the Patriots have lost!!!!

Player of the Game: Tony Romo, 15-17, 226 yds, 2 TD.

WIS Standings

(Actual standings in brackets)

AFC East

Patriots 5-1 (6-0)

Jets 3-3 (1-5)

Bills 2-3 (1-4)

Dolphins 0-6 (0-6)

AFC North

Steelers 4-1 (4-1)

Browns 4-2 (3-3)

Ravens 3-3 (4-2)

Bengals 2-3 (1-4)

AFC South

Colts 4-1 (5-0)

Texans 4-2 (3-2)

Jaguars 4-1 (4-1)

Titans 2-3 (3-2)

AFC West

Broncos 3-2 (2-3)

Chargers 3-3 (3-3)

Raiders 1-4 (2-3)

Chiefs 1-5 (3-3)

NFC East

Redskins 5-0 (3-2)

Cowboys 4-2 (5-1)

Giants 2-4 (4-2)

Eagles 1-4 (2-3)

NFC North

Lions 4-1 (3-2)

Packers 3-3 (5-1)

Bears 4-2 (2-4)

Vikings 1-4 (2-3)

NFC South

Panthers 4-2 (4-2)

Buccaneers 4-2 (4-2)

Saints 2-3 (1-4)

Falcons 0-6 (1-5)

NFC West

Seahawks 5-1 (3-3)

Cardinals 4-2 (3-3)

49ers 2-3 (2-3)

Rams 1-5 (0-6)

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