That's right, after a one day hiatus, the WIS NFL Replay series continues.....


(Actual scores from the games in parentheses)


Detroit Lions 38 Chicago Bears 24 (37-27 Det)

Dallas Cowboys 23 St. Louis Rams 6 (35-7 Dal)

Cleveland Browns 34 Baltimore Ravens 23 (27-13 Cle)

New York Jets 30 Buffalo Bills 17 (17-14 Buf)

Houston Texans 14 Atlanta Falcons 3 (26-16 Atl)

Green Bay Packers 34 Minnesota Vikings 22 (23-16 GB)

Oakland Raiders 13 Miami Dolphins 9 (35-17 Oak)

Seattle Seahawks 31 San Francisco 49ers 7 (23-3 Sea)

Carolina Panthers 17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14 (20-7 TB)

San Diego Chargers 21 Kansas City Chiefs 10 (30-16 KC)

Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts (Game of the Day Recap below, 38-20 Ind)

Pittsburgh Steelers 33 Arizona Cardinals 20 (21-14 Arz) New York Giants 17 Philadelphia Eagles 0 (16-3 Phi)


New England Patriots 40 Cincinnati Bengals 7 (34-13 NE)

Open Date: Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints, Jacksonville Jaguars

Game of the Day: Broncos @ Colts

A series that has been dominated by the Colts in recent years, including an epic 34-31 win over the Broncos last season.

The game started with the Broncos stunning the Colts crowd on the opening possession, methodically moving the ball down the field in 11 plays, with Jay Cutler finding Brandon Marshall in the end zone. 7-0 Broncos. No need to fear, the Colts responded quickly with a TJ Rushing kickoff return all the way to the Denver 35 yard line. Peyton Manning and the Colts offense moved it to the 12,  but nothing more than an Adam Vinatieri FG. 7-3 Broncos. Ensuing possession, on a 3rd and 10 at the Colts 48, Cutler found TE Tony Scheffler, as he rumbled his way to the 26 yard line for a 22 yard gain. A few plays later, the Broncos found the goal line, as Brandon Stokley caught a short pass from Cutler, and strolled his way for 6. 14-3 Broncos after 1 quarter, in Indianapolis.

The shootout continued at the start of the 2nd quarter, Manning to Reggie Wayne (shocker) for 25 yards to the Denver 45. You know what Peyton does, throws those 15 yard strikes to Dallas Clark and Marvin Harrison. 1st and goal at the Broncos 1, Reggie Wayne got the touchdown for the Colts. 14-10 Broncos. Ensuing possession....that's right, no punts, no turnovers, just points. The Broncos went on another time consuming, methodical drive of 14 plays for 67 yards. Cutler threw touchdown pass #3, this time to Javon Walker. 21-10 Broncos. The teams would trade punts with a minute left in the half, and 21-10 was the halftime score.

The Colts surely needed something to get themselves going, as their defense was getting picked apart. Their offense had 4 possessions, and scored on 2. The Broncos had 5 possessions and scored on 4. At the start of the 2nd half, Indy would find their breakthrough plays. The first one being a long bomb from 51 yards from Manning to Marvin Harrison. 21-17. Ensuing possession, Travis Henry fumbled the ball, and the Colts recovered it at the Broncos 33! Good news for the Broncos defense, they held Indy to another FG instead of trailing 5 minutes into the 2nd half in a game they were dominating. 21-20 Broncos.

Clearly though the momentum was on Tony Dungy's Colts side, as the defense produced a 3 and out, and gave the ball right back to that deadly Colts offense. Another drive that stalls in Denver territory, but Adam Viniatieri hit his 3rd field goal of the game to give the Colts the lead. 23-21 Colts. With the 3rd quarter coming to a close, Cutler, having a career day, found Brandon Marshall for 30 yards to the Colts 28, setting up what was sure to be a fantastic 4th quarter.

That Colts defense that allowed 3 first half touchdowns, prevented the Broncos from getting another touchdown, and held them to a field goal. 24-23 Broncos. Indianapolis came right back, but once again the drive stalled at the Denver 28. So Vinatieri tried his 4th field goal of the game with 9:20 remaining from 48 yards away....NO GOOD!!! WIDE RIGHT!!! It seemed that the Broncos had gained that momentum back...but wait....HENRY FUMBLED IT AGAIN!!! COLTS BALL AT THE BRONCOS 40!! This time Indy was not to be denied of 6, a 13 yard grab by Reggie Wayne, a 13 yard grab by Kenton Keith, and then Keith is in from 15 yards out! They go for 2...Manning to it! 31-24 Colts. A major turn of events with 7:04 left, and it got worse for Denver as they went 3 and out, then the Colts pulled a major surprise.

In one play, the Colts scored a 61 yard touchdown on an end-around. You would figure it would be someone like Harrison, or Wayne, but no, it's......DALLAS CLARK!!! 38-24 Colts. The game was not over yet, as the Broncos took just 1:36 off the remaining 4:56 of the game, and Brandon Stokley caught his 2nd touchdown pass of the game, 4th TD pass by Cutler, 38-31 Colts.

With 2 minutes left, the Broncos D had no choice but to make a stop on 3rd and 2...Manning fires...WAYNE FOR 17!! Game over right? Nope. After Denver called their 2nd TO of the game, Manning went for the kill, and instead was intercepted by Dre Bly, who returned the ball to the Denver 38 with 1:45 left! Unfortunately, Mike Shanahan's Bronco team played dink and dunk, and had 30 seconds to get 52 yards for a tying touchdown. Cutler on 4th and 17, FINDS AHMAD HALL FOR 27!!! Denver called their final timeout at that point with :23. With 13 seconds left at the Colts 22, Cutler.....SACKED BY KEYUNTA DAWSON!! Tick tick tick tick, GAME OVER!!! COLTS WIN!!! A wonderful rally by the Colts, a valiant effort by a young Denver team, but they came up short.

Player of the Game: Jay Cutler, who threw for 21-36, 280 yards and 4 touchdown passes in a losing effort.

Indianapolis Colts 38 Denver Broncos 31

Note: No snapshots this time, a little problem with the program.

WIS Standings

Actual Standings in parentheses.

AFC East

Patriots 4-0 (4-0)

Jets 2-2 (1-3)

Bills 1-3 (1-3)

Dolphins 0-4 (0-4)

AFC North

Browns 3-1 (2-2)

Steelers 3-1 (3-1)

Bengals 1-3 (1-3)

Ravens 1-3 (2-2)

AFC South

Colts 4-0 (4-0)

Texans 3-1 (2-2)

Jaguars 2-1 (2-1)

Titans 1-2 (2-1)

AFC West

Chargers 2-2 (1-3)

Broncos 2-2 (2-2)

Chiefs 1-3 (2-2)

Raiders 1-3 (2-2)

NFC East

Redskins 3-0 (2-1)

Cowboys 3-1 (4-0)

Giants 1-3 (2-2)

Eagles 0-4 (1-3)

NFC North

Lions 4-0 (3-1)

Packers 3-1 (4-0)

Bears 2-2 (1-3)

Vikings 1-3 (1-3)

NFC South

Panthers 4-0 (2-2)

Buccaneers 2-2 (3-1)

Saints 1-2 (0-3)

Falcons 0-4 (1-3)

NFC West

Seahawks 4-0 (3-1)

Cardinals 2-2 (2-2)

49ers 2-2 (2-2)

Rams 1-3 (0-4)

Stay tuned as Kelsdad covers week 5.

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