What in Hannah's Hell were the Atlanta Falcons thinking? Warrick Dunn, a staple of the Atlanta backfield is gone. Let go by the Falcons who also let Alge Crumpler slip out of their hands, Dunn was let go by the team Monday to make way for Michael Turner from San Diego, was kicked to the curb like a cheating spouse before he could have a chance to explain.

Dunn was not flashy but he tried to get the job done on the field. Playing in all but one of Atlanta's games in the 2007 season, he struggled with an offensive line that could not block and only mustered 720 this past season after rushing for 1,140 in 2006. He is best known for his charity work in the Atlanta area, starting the "Home For The Holidays" program that helped single parents become first-time homeowners by making the down payment on new furnished homes. He started the program after his mother, who was a police officer in New Orleans, his hometown, was gunned down while on duty. His work with charity earned him the Walter Payton Award in 2004.

Warrick was not one of those athletes that got in trouble, either in the NFL or at Florida State University under Bobby Bowden. He is a class act in so many ways. The Falcons made a HUGE, honking mistake by letting him go. I hope that new Falcon management realizes the mistake they made. I think that Dunn could have played another year in a Falcons uniform. Since the departure of Michael Vick, Warrick Dunn had to be the face of the organization. A second back to help Dunn would have been fine. Getting more offensive help and perhaps drafting a quarterback would have been acceptable to me. Sending Warrick Dunn away is not. Wake up, Atlanta Falcon management!

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