Well, here we are…July 1. About a month from now co-eds will be returning to campus life to embark on another year of getting smarter, (supposedly) while getting poorer in the process. Love college! With campuses one month away from having their property invaded by hormone raging party animals, that can only mean one thing…At long last, college football season will be upon us! Let’s drink to that!

Yes, right now everybody is filled with anticipation and is very much looking forward to the season kicking off! Why the anticipation is on the same level as knowing you have a co-ed tutor(s) that just happens to be fully willing to teach you some tricks of the trade in a course referred to as Bedroom Activities 101…A core class, if you will. Yes, we’re talking that much excitement…Hell, even I’m creaming in my Calvin Klein’s and I’m a Notre Dame fan! Although get back to me the first week of October…All my creaming should be all dried up by then!

Nonetheless, we’re all giddy resembling the co-eds for the season to be upon us. However, I do have a question…And damn it, it’s a freaking good one too! Every year we always get in this same mind frame about college football being on the horizon…For what? Every year, we’re always feeling as if that sport that we love to watch every Saturday afternoon in the fall has stuck a dick up our asses come late December, courtesy of the BCS. And it’ll be no different again this season either! So then why do we love torturing ourselves year after year after year? I guess some questions just seemingly have no answers to.

By now the hundreds of pre-season college football publications have hit newsstands…And either you’re already depressed about the season starting, thanks to those damn things, or they’re playing you like Bambi on stage at Lipstixx R Us….Making that blood flow, only for a potential major let down! While predictions are like ass holes, everybody having one, and we tend to disagree with a shit load, (pardon the pun) of them…Though, that’s what sports, particularly this sport is all about! Everything is debatable, thanks in large part to the BCS system! I’m leaving that alone for now…We’ll have plenty of discussions on it over the coming months! This is the exciting time…I’m not putting a black cloud over it right off the bat!

Besides being an exciting time of the year, this is also the time that Stewart Mandel of comes out of hibernation, (or is it a closet)…To reemerge. And that he has! Our CNN friend Stewy has created his "Ten season-defining games in '08". Now we all know this is a money shot in the dark…Hell, even as he points out, "A year ago this time, no one would have predicted a Thanksgiving weekend game between Missouri and Kansas would wind up one of the most highly viewed of the season. Or that USC's game against Stanford would carry greater implications than its subsequent trip to Cal." And that’s the truth of the matter…We all look at games before the season begins, circling the ones that we figure are going to be must sees. Only then look like the defensive coordinators white board as he tries to make in game adjustments on the sideline.

So here’s what Big Stew thinks…

Personally, I agree with 1-3. The Red River Rivalry, I’m not sure of…Same goes for OSU-Wisc. Other than that, the BYU-Utah game, well the fact that it’s a game from two non-BCS schools might have something to do with it, but I’m not sure of that one either? I get it, for all intensive purposes it could be a tilt of epic proportions, I’m just not feeling it. Perhaps a couple more beers will help the cause.

Impressive list by Stewy…What do you peeps think? Although, it’s on paper, and well everything looks good on paper on July 1. However, how will this list hold out? How many in season adjustments will have to be made? Stay tuned….

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