March 3, 2008- Wow this was a long weekend but a good one!

So I know I have kind of turned this into a sports Blog so let me ramble on about what I know is going on with the Eagles. Well first thing’s first, great job by the team going out and signing the biggest free agent name available in Asante Samuel! Then there is the pick-up of Chris Clemons from the Raiders, I think, in a way he is going to remind a lot of people [1]

here in Philadelphia of the way Ike Reese used to play. I know Clemons is a DE but they both play with high energy and have a motor that doesn't stop. Clemons could also turn out to be a great pick up for the special teams units as well.

So what’s in the future for the Eagles? Well rumors are flying all over the internet about a possible trade for WR Larry Fitzgerald from the Arizona Cardinals, it will take a lot to make this happen but I’m onboard if the front office can swing it. Larry is big, strong and fits well with the existing locker-room. If you can get him, do it, do it NOW! By bringing Fitzgerald to Philadelphia the Eagles would become Super Bowl contenders over night!

Finally what about this clown on the Phillies Cole Hamels? This guy hasn’t even been in the Big Leagues for 3 full seasons yet and he is already complaining about his contract. Hamels was quoted as saying that he will “remember this down the road,” pertaining to the Phillies renewing his contract at $500,000. The number (a $100,000 raise) is entirely comparable with what other top pitchers in Hamels' service class have received.

What a moron, who complains about getting a $100,000 raise after just a cup of coffee at their new job, and people wonder why ball players are called spoiled brats! Grow up dude, your getting paid a lot of money to play baseball, it’s a good gig so shut your mouth and play!

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