Goodness, with that amount personally I’d have to say I’d love for nothing else to live the life of Pacman Jones. And what do you know, I’d have enough to live in his world for 48 hours with even about $15,000 left over after I shower God’s gift to mankind, AKA polehuggers. Of course all this is on the contingency that I survive my two day stay in Jones’s world…You know, in case one of the stray bullets just happen to nick me. See, on my bank account, well it only allows me to dine at Waffle House, but I’ll have you know it’s the fanciest Waffle Houses you will ever find. For two days living the life of Pacman, when my tapeworm kicks in, I’ll just have my entourage escort me on over to Scores for a little binge & grind!

Now that’s just me, others would care to blow that amount in other ways…And to each his own. Unless of course you’re Jewish and resemble a frog’s ass when it comes to the finances, water tight! Yes, $175,100 can buy many things…Why it can even buy you a month full of gas for your whip, imagine that. There’s a number of different ways to blow that amount, up your nose, on call girls for life (might I suggest Candy), in the market, (don’t mind that crashing sound) etc, and so forth. How about blowing this amount on a David Ortiz Jersey? Would you do that, huh? Not just any Big Papi jersey, you won’t find this one in your local Champs, but rather under the new Yankee Stadium…Yes, sir, I’m talking about once-buried Ortiz Red Sox jersey which was removed on April 12. This beauty brought in what one could pay for a cheap ass Ferrarri…No offense to Ortiz, but I just don’t see any women getting turned on by a dirty, rat infested Papi jersey. Sorry! But it does come with free shipping!

So yes, this once buried jersey is just the latest chapter in the Yanks-Sox rivarly when a construction worker—a diehard Red Sox fan—secretly buried a David Ortiz jersey in the concrete of the new Yankee Stadium in hopes of "cursing" the new ballpark. Kids, they do the darndest things! What an ingenious idea…Why didn’t anybody else think of this? Of course that’s water under the bridge, although it’s good to see that this bonehead idea eventually paid off in the end at gave "2004carmen", (whoever the hell that is) a nice big fat tax right-off…Gotta love anytime you can screw Uncle Sam! With 100 percent of the proceeds of this jersey/auction going towards charity to benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund.

Although is it just me, but does anybody else think this is the least bit odd? Well there’s a no brainer, of course it is…It’s on eBay! Ninty percent of the shit on there is odd! Remember life before eBay? How did we function? It’s the only place where one can score a Man-Ram BBQ Grill & a mangled up and buried Big Papi jersey. Yes, you can get anything, and I do mean anything on eBay! I have a 1997 Seattle Mariners Ken Griffey Jr. Teal Majestic Jersey I wore during my high school days, (senior year…ah, the memories) was thinking about parting with to help raise funds for when I go out to Hollywood in two weeks…Proceeds of the auction with go straight to me. Bidding starts at $50

Vote In new Pick’em Poll which poses the question that everybody who has a pair of grapes, (excluding Lance Armstrong & John Kruk of course) needs to answer…All be it, it’s never easy! "Blondes or Brunettes?" I must warn you, by not voting in this, it means, well, you must be gay! However, I guess it’s a perfect way to come out of closet. aims to please!

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