A lot has been going on about the fan base and loyalties to clubs. I think we need to look at various aspects to possibly find a solution. I have had a deep love for Manchester United for the past 13 years or so, and it has never waned even when they went through a bad patch these last few years, but then again I am asked, "Why United?" I'm at such a stage that tears will definitely fall if United loses. Now here's the thing: I am an Indian citizen who has never been to England. Would it make a difference of I think for the team, or why a loss should affect me so badly when I have no solid roots for the team? I'm not English, Ive never been to England, and I've never seen them play at a stadium. I was introduced to them at an early age, and their style of football got me hooked. Sure they had famous stars like David Beckham, Cantona, and Charlton who could have had their own fanbase no matter which ever team they play for. This brings me to my next point: specific player following. Now, I spent some time in Wisconsin and got hooked on to the NBA and the NFL. So, naturally, I had to pick a team. Being in Wisconsin, I started following the Green Bay Packers, and Brett Favre kept me hooked to the team. In the case of the NBA, I didn't like the way the Milwaukee Bucks played and refused to support them despite staying in Milwaukee. I loved watching Steve Nash play and, at that time, he was with the Dallas Mavericks. So naturally, I supported the Mavs, but now, after his move to the Phoenix Suns, I'd pick the Suns over any team. I would support any team that Nash plays for. What I'm asking is, "Is something like that being biased?" I feel there is a difference if one is being loyal because of the team or a specific player. In the case of a team, I guess loyalty is much stronger, but if one follows a player then I guess you follow his every move. But hey, everyone has their own opinions I guess.

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