What is it about Football that makes me want to write? What is it that pushes me to spend time researching, verifying and typing?   I think it is several things.  

I was never any good at it.

I played throughout Junior High and was terrible. I was a third-string Guard and a second-string Defensive End. My Highlight? A sack in practice. I think I played in one game ever.  

The emotion is as strong as anything in the world of literature.

Is there that book that you have read that leaves you wanting to re-read it? Books like: Kite Runner or Running With Scissors left me wishing to re-open it and go again. The only thing that has ever matched that is Football. Each game is a drama, a comedy, a tragedy and a piece of absurdism. The emotions are high and the excitement is through the roof. This is why I have always said that even two bad teams can give you a good game: it is the challenge.  


What is it about the NFL?

It is exciting.

I sort of explained before, but I want to expand on it. Football raises your blood pressure and causes grown men to yell at a television (or grown women if it is my family watching Husky games). It creates weekly parties where people can get together and argue over what they saw or the reason for a call.  

It brought my family closer.

Not that we had problems, but now we feel like we have more reasons to call each other: “Who should I start this week?” “What do you think of the secondary?” and “What is Alexander’s problem?” are normal questions between my Father and me.  Now my brother has gotten in to it and I field more calls.  

It is easy to understand yet hard to comprehend.

But, aren’t those the same thing? Yes and no. You can watch it and root for the team to get the ball to the other end of the field and enjoy yourself, but the more you watch, the more you understand, the more you follow it and the more you learn. People pay attention to the game and ask questions to learn why a person did that or who that guy is.  

It creates debates.

Debates are forms of communication which is good for everyone. This year especially, I have seen as fans of the same team are able to argue about why a certain player should or should not be traded, a coach fired or a play called.  

This list isn’t everything and it isn’t perfect, but it is everything that I feel is right about the sport of Football. The reasons that people flock to it, causing it to be the #1 sport in the United States. These are the reasons that even after NFL Europe had to shut down, leagues are popping up all over that continent.

The NFL has it right.  

Later: What is wrong with football.

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