Before anybody comments on anything I have something to say. I am a Mets fan and I understand that he is a veteran presence and when he is on his game he can be very, very good. So far this Spring Training all he has been is a source for a story, like this one. Everybody knows there is no way he is going to be ready by the end of ST and Mike Pelfrey has pitched well this Spring. Multiple reports have said he looks like he is throwing a wiffle ball. As a Mets fan, I think he will not be able to help this season. Even in the bullpen he would not be as reliable as somebody else like Jorge Sosa or even Matt Wise. He has had multiple injuries in the past year and now it is hard to keep up with everything that is going on. He even needed help with his TEETH! That is just one of the latest procedures he has gone through. I understand that everybody has times when they need work on some part of their body even if it is their teeth. What I am saying is that he really has not gone through a stretch where he has been fully healthy and the Mets can count on him every fifth day. Nobody even knows how old he really is and if some random person were to guess just by looking at his medical record and his age would rise 40 years. (So maybe I am exaggerating a little bit). And guess what? He is not going to use his leg kick in his new wind-up. The Mets could possibly trade him and get something. They need somebody to back-up Delgado at first.

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