Golf ap phil 195

Accenture Match Play currently going on this weekend. Tiger advanced and Phil loses to Stuart Appleby

I go to read about it. Is it about Tiger? No! It's about Phil. And he lost! So why the hell is the article about Phil?,%20clusterflock1.jpg

My question to a lot of people is always: "Why do you like Phil Mickelson?"

I hate Phil. Hate him. With his stupid grin, and stupid play, and stupid dough boy walk....yet, I seem to be in the select few who feel this way about the man.

So I'm just curious and going to ask: Why do you (or people) like Phil?

When I ask I get: "Well he's a nice guy. Good family man".... WTF??!!! How the hell do you know that?

I great article I read (link below) has diffinately helped me deal with this.

Quoted from this article and to help prove my point:

Still, it's a surprise to see someone whose public persona is so cheerful, someone who is so loved by fans, show up on a list of " The Ten Most Hated Athletes ." But that's exactly where Mickelson shows up - at No. 8 - in the most recent issue of GQ magazine.

Here's what the magazine's article says about how Mickelson is viewed by his peers:

> Last August at the PGA Championship at Baltusrol, in New Jersey, a reporter turned to a golfer on the tour and said of Phil Mickelson, "Man, the fans here love Phil.” The golfer replied, “They don’t know him the way we do." It blew our minds a little when we heard this, since Mickelson ranks among the most admired golfers in America. But today the same reporter makes his case bluntly: "Phil Mickelson literally has no friends out there. He annoys everybody." > > Mickelson has earned many nicknames on the Tour, but our favorite is FIGJAM ... "There are a bunch of pros who think he and his whole smiley, happy face are a fraud," another reporter says. "They think he’s preening and insincere." > > FIGJAM! I love it! In case you haven't figured it out it stands for 

"Fuck, I’m good—just ask me" > > > > > > VJ is the most liked golfer from his peers but most hated man by the public. Why? I hate to say it but is it due to..... ugh...cough cough....(clear throat) race????? > > So if you love Phil (one Jay Mariotti loves the dough boy) I ask you why??? He has to be the dumbest player on the tour with the most talent. I hate him! Why do you love him? > >  

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