I liked Kelsdad's idea, so I shall again borrow it for my own personal plan of attack on AGM this year.

To start along similar personal lines, first I must do well in exams. Then I can go to University, to do either Maths or Accounting. I'm that good, I get a choice. :P But either way, work needs to be done, so I'll have less time to spend here until the summer. BCC is the minimum, but ABB would be ideal, because I can pick whatever I like then. At the moment, ABCC is the most likely outcome, so I'm not looking too bad.

Furthermore, on a chess theme, I am in the Final of my school tournmaent. I've been second twice, and Semi Finalist once more, but am yet to win. So, since 2008 will be my last appearance, I hope I can finally win the trophy that I had to travel 50 miles back and forth to buy. And then the UK Chess Challenge starts. Getting through the school round should be easy, but getting through to the money rounds would cap of my appearance in that event too. Also, if I can remain at Number 2 on the School Grading System (I think I'm 3rd provisionally, but I've been Number 2 for the last two seasons (the first two of it's existence)). So a lot of aims there. Writing this paragraph has reminded me that I need to do a provisional list for when I go back to school next week!

However, over Christmas, I've done a fair wad to the Snooker section. Bits still need to be tweaked, and with Romiezzo's help, it should be all good.

My main aim for 2008 is to keep the snooker up to date, i.e. put the results of each of the tournaments on there. This shouldn't be that hard, or unmanageable. I also hope to really bash out a lot of snooker profiles during the summer months - if I get the grades, I should have a decent amount of time beteen July and the end of September. Hopefully, I can redo some of the profiles, which are now outdated, mainly in format, but also in content. Also, I hope to improve upon the actual bios that are there.

As for other wiki stuff, I may venture back into F1 and Speedway. And rest assured, I'll post the odd article about each of these, keeping everybody up to date.

Furthermore, I am planning to participate in a 2008 ArmchairGM 8-ball tournament - let me know if you want to play in it - and also will take part in AGM Fantasy Sports if people enter them (or set them up).

On the article side, I have no idea what may crop up. You'll just have to wait and see. Heck, so will I! I am currently trying to do something, but alas, it's proving challenging to complete. You'll see what it is hopefully, in the end.

Re: the user points system, in 2008, my aim is to reach "legend" status. With 700,000 points so far (in 1 and a half years), I see this as attainable. And to remain in the top 10 all-time is another aim I would like to maintain.

One thing I will show you all, probably, is my end of year chess report. I have to write one every year for my school, so I may post it under "High School Sport", and hope for the best. I may throw in the odd picture, video and such to it too. I have to do that for my school chess website anyway (which I need to maintain), so I may as well pawn it off here too. (Get the pun?!)

So, 2008 is an important year. But I'll still be moping around here to keep up with US sport, and share with you some of the finer points of British sport.

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